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Making money on SIM cards: ideas and strategies for monetizing mobile opportunities

Do you have SIM cards? We'll pay you!
Passive earning on SIM cards is a simple and effective way to increase your income. Our partner SMSHUB provides such an opportunity together with attractive payments and reliable technical base.

Earnings on SIM cards

How SIM cards are monetized

Users around the world are looking for a way to register additional accounts for social networks, marketplaces and other services. The SMSHUB portal finds SIM card owners who want to earn money and ensures that the code from the SMS is transferred from the provider to the user. Thus, each owner has ways to monetize mobile traffic through SIM cards. Read how to make money on SIM cards and how to start.

What you need to start earning

To start work you will need:

  • At least 256 sim cards: the more you have, the higher your income will be at the very beginning;
  • GSM-modem with 8+ ports or GOIP: SMSHUB manager will suggest reliable sellers offering fair prices;
  • PC and stable internet connection.

How to start earning on SIM cards in just 3 steps!

Sign up for SMSHUB website and read the corresponding instruction on the main page. If necessary, ask questions, there is a contact bot - @smshub_agent_bot
Prepare the technical base: install provided software and connect the equipment to your SIM cards. Face any difficulties? Our manager is always in touch.
Replace cards in time, get profit and withdraw funds in any convenient way.

How much you will earn: investments in SIM cards and their profitability

One card can eran up to 600 rubles per day, and the average partner's income per month is 173,847 rubles. But to ensure flowless earnings, the quantity of cards must be regularly renewed. Many services provide the possibility of resale, but after a certain period of time passes. Clients should not get into a situation when there is a number which has already been used for an account registration.

Number prices depend on the country of the card and the services for which the number will be purchased. Current list of the most popular countries and services is always available in SMSHUB and SMS-Activate. SMSHUB provides the possibility of price increase, for example, during periods of number shortage on the market.


  • Fast sales
    numbers are sold at SMS-Activate, which ensures a huge flow of customers. Hundreds of thousands of numbers are sold every day
  • Flexible settings
    you can customize work processes as it is convenient and profitable for you in your personal account
  • Low commission
    you will get up to 75% from sales
  • Fast-response technical support
    managers are always ready to answer any questions
  • Reliable partner
    SMSHUB is one of the leaders in the global market. First, it is possible due to its responsible attitude towards both partners and customers
Monetization of SIM cards

Questions and answers

The main and safest way to earn on SIM cards is to provide them for activations or rent to register in online services. Users will specify a SIM card number to receive a confirmation code, while the intermediary service will pass this code to them. A reliable service such as SMSHUB should be used for technical support of the processes and customer search.
In fact, earning on mobile SIM cards is a priori a passive way to make money. After you are connected, you only need to change your cards in the equipment, and SMSHUB will take care of searching for customers and sales. Your cards will be sold through SMS-Activate which is one of the largest services having customers all over the world. You can set prices and control sales, but no further actions are required from you. Your task is to increase the number of SIM cards, so that your earnings from phone numbers can be increased.
To get started, you will need no less than 256 SIM cards, equipment (GSM modem with 8+ ports or GOIP), a PC and stable Internet connection. But even if you don't have any equipment, you can register on the SMSHUB website and get detailed information on how to monetize traffic through SIM cards in the most efficient way.
Each SIM card can be used multiple times for registration in different services. In addition, it is allowed to resell SIM cards after a certain period of time for many services. In general, you can earn up to 600 rubles per day from one SIM card.
The service offers users to register on different platforms, including mobile banks and payment systems, as long as it does not contradict the law. Popular financial apps are already available in the SMS-Activate menu, and any new and local ones are quickly added if there is demand for them.
The only way to effectively commercialize sim cards is to get connected to a big service and provide the cards for registrations on websites and in apps.
When you register on SMSHUB, you do not have to provide your ID or any personal data, so you stay as anonymous as you need. As for the use of virtual numbers, SMS-Activate strongly advises customers not to violate the law. In any case, SIM card providers are not responsible for the use of any registered account.
Initially, you do not need any special skills or knowledge. SMSHUB is designed for everyone, including beginners in the sphere of earning money on mobile services through SIM cards. This is a mutually beneficial cooperation, so managers will explain all the complicated aspects to you and support you at all stages. In addition, you will have full documentation on equipment setup and options for work.
You do not have to install any additional apps or other software: everything you need is provided by SMSHUB.
Thanks to integration with SMS-Activate, you don't have to search for clients. At the moment, the service has already got 8 million users who buy hundreds of thousands of numbers every day. In addition, the service uses powerful marketing tools to attract new customers.

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