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Get a Virtual Phone Number for WhatsApp Verification

With over 2 billion users globally, WhatsApp has become one of the most widely used messaging platforms. However, many are concerned about privacy when connecting their personal phone numbers to WhatsApp and other online accounts. This is why virtual phone numbers have recently sharply increased in popularity.

Buy a temporary virtual number for WhatsApp - SMS - activation

A virtual number provides you with a phone number for WhatsApp without compromising your private mobile number or identity. Virtual numbers act as alternate phone numbers routed through apps, and can be extremely useful for verifying and maintaining privacy for your profiles. You can also utilize this by buying a virtual number for WhatsApp to create business accounts on platforms like WhatsApp and promote your company without handing out your number.

In this article, we will look at how to get a virtual phone number for fast WhatsApp verification, and explore some of the top temporary number services available. We’ll also discuss the many benefits of these virtual numbers, from easy account creation to maintaining privacy across platforms.

What Is a Virtual Phone Number, and How Does It Work with WhatsApp?

A virtual phone number is a number that is not tied to a specific mobile device or location. Unlike traditional phone numbers, which need physical SIM cards, virtual numbers only require an internet connection on smartphones and computers to receive SMS texts and phone calls.

Virtual numbers are helpful in many situations, especially online verifications that require a valid phone number. Platforms like WhatsApp, Google, Facebook, and many more all need you to verify your identity with an SMS code during registration. Typically, this would mean handing over access to your mobile number. With a virtual phone number for WhatsApp verification, you can protect your privacy and enable fast, convenient verification.

Many people buy a virtual number for WhatsApp that works independently and can be used once for registration purposes or kept active every month. They are routed globally using only the internet. Once generated, these virtual mobile numbers function like regular phone numbers to receive SMSs and calls, which can be used during WhatsApp verification processes.

Benefits of Using a Virtual Number for Your WhatsApp Account

The most important benefit a virtual phone number provides for your WhatsApp account is complete privacy and separation from your personal life. By registering your account with a temporary number rather than your private mobile number, you can avoid exposing unwanted contacts to your social circle and mixing professional connections with your personal contacts.

Virtual phone numbers enable you to categorize different aspects of your life for better organization. You can even set up multiple WhatsApp business accounts using different virtual numbers for other purposes. This also allows you to have a local presence with custom area code phone numbers from countries worldwide.

The WhatsApp account creation process is quick and convenient. You can have a ready-to-use virtual phone number delivered and activated within 60 seconds without any long-term commitments.

Using these disposable virtual numbers for WhatsApp means you remain entirely anonymous while verifying your WhatsApp account. There is no need to disclose personal information during registration. This prevents potential fraudulent activities like SIM swap attacks aimed at stealing your number for financial theft.

Virtual phone numbers provide customization and optimal privacy, so you can use WhatsApp freely for personal chats with friends without mixing professional contacts. You also avoid over-exposure of your private mobile number.

How to Buy a Virtual Number for WhatsApp

Getting a virtual phone number for WhatsApp verification via SMS-Activate.org involves just a few simple steps:

  • Select your desired country from the menu available at the top of the page. Specify additional options such as "Verification by number” if needed.
  • Your selected country's available virtual phone number will pop up under “My purchases” heading. Copy this number and enter it into the verification prompt when setting up your WhatsApp account.

  • As soon as you attempt verification with the virtual number, SMS-Activate will automatically place a call to it. The last few digits of the number will then display on your Activation card on the website. Input these digits into the verification box to fully confirm your virtual number with WhatsApp.

Note: Virtual numbers provided for verification remain active for 5 minutes. To avoid failed verification, if you do not receive the automated call within the first few minutes, quickly cancel the number by clicking the red X icon. This gives you a few more minutes to verify with a new virtual number.

Following this process correctly allows you to verify your WhatsApp account swiftly and securely using a temporary virtual number, keeping your personal number private.

Creating a WhatsApp Account with a Virtual Number

Once you have purchased a virtual phone number, using it to create a WhatsApp account only takes a few quick steps:

  • Download and launch the WhatsApp app on your device.
  • When prompted, enter your newly acquired virtual number instead of your mobile number.

  • WhatsApp will automatically send a 6-digit verification code to that virtual number via SMS.
  • Input the SMS verification code in the WhatsApp app to confirm your number.

  • Fill in your profile details such as photo, name, and the About section to complete account creation.

And that's it! You now have a fully functional WhatsApp account registered under your temporary virtual number, rather than compromising privacy with your private mobile number. This keeps your personal contacts and info separate, while letting you access the popular WhatsApp messaging platform. You can continue using WhatsApp with your virtual number as long as you keep it active.

How to register many WhatsApp accounts

If you need a large number of accounts, try registering using specialized software. UniMessenger software allows you not only to effectively register accounts in multi-threaded mode, but also to build advertising campaigns: join groups, gather an audience, launch mailings and set up an autoresponder chain. With a software license, you can not only complete promotion tasks, but also sell relevant services or ready-made accounts.

Questions and answers

Initially, you can choose either the "Activation" or "Rent" service. Activation means receiving a code once, but you can request a reactivation if a provider still has access to the SIM card. Rent allows you to receive unlimited SMS during up to 4 weeks. 

You can also complete the registration in the desktop version of the messenger.

The code will appear on the "Activations" page to the right of the number as soon as you receive it.

These steps will help you:

  • Use Proxy/VPN;
  • Change your number, choose another mobile operator;
  • Try registering through the incognito mode or using another device;
  • Contact tech support. If the code is not received within 20 minutes, your money will be returned to the balance automatically.

You can activate the "Multiservice" option and register up to 5 services on one number. In other cases, you need to choose another number for the appropriate service.

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