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Wholesale prices and discounts up to 70% on numbers

Top up your balance from 1000 rubles and become a member of the loyalty program

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Big Loyalty Update

The loyalty program has become easier and more profitable. The main goal of the update is to provide loyal customers with the best conditions, based on the specifics of their work with virtual numbers.

Some info about cashback

    Key points in the update:

  • We have added discounts on Free Price up to 70%;
  • Cashback on your accounts often remained unused, so we replaced it with discounts and other bonuses. (If you have cashback left, please unfreeze it and spend it within 2 months);
  • Added discounts for other products of the SMS-Activate ecosystem;
  • We simplified the progress bar: removed the levels, while keeping the ranks. The rank is assigned depending on the amount of replenishment during the week;
  • Recalculation is now performed every Tuesday, and on Monday you will receive a reminder with the amount to replenish, necessary to move to the next rank;
  • Amounts to be replenished have changed to increase the rank.

Benefits for program members

  • Wholesale prices for numbers
  • Up to 70% discount on Free Price numbers
  • Wholesale prices for ready-made accounts
  • Personal VIP manager
  • Additional features
What is level?

Loyalty table

and amount
Wholesale numbers prices
Wholesale account prices
Free Price
FP discounts on non TOP services
FP discounts on TOP services
Removing the ban
White List
VIP Support
from 1 000 ₽ available available up to 10%
from 5 000 ₽ available available up to 20% 5%
from 10 000 ₽ available available up to 40% 7.5%
from 20 000 ₽ available available up to 50% 10% available
from 50 000 ₽ available forever available up to 60% 12,5% available available
from 100 000 ₽ available forever available up to 70% 15% available available available
from 150 000 ₽ available forever available up to 70% 20% available available available
from 200 000 ₽ available forever available up to 70% 25% available available available
from 300 000 ₽ available forever available up to 70% 30% available available available
from 400 000 ₽ available forever available up to 70% 40% available available available

Benefit Calculator

Calculate what rank and bonuses you will receive with a weekly balance replenishment in the amount of 1,000 ₽

Your benefit

Rank: {{modal.rank}}/10 rank
Wholesale numbers prices: {{modal.wholesalePricePerNumber}}
Wholesale account prices: {{modal.wholesalePriceForAccounts}}
Free Price Discounts: {{modal.discountFreePrice}}
Ban removal: {{modal.removingBan}}
White List: {{modal.WhiteList}}
VIP support: {{modal.vipSupport}}
Enter the weekly replenishment amount

Bonuses from the IPKings service

When you reach each rank, you receive a discount on the purchase of a proxy. You will receive a promotional code by email or TG-bot, which can be activated on the IPKings website.

  • Rank 1-5:10%
  • Rank 6-8: 15%
  • Rank 9 and 10: 20%
What is Rank?

The promo code discount is valid once for each rank: if you lost your rank and then regained the position, the discount will not work again

3 steps to maximum benefit

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Questions and answers

You will have access to more numbers in the selected price range, as more expensive numbers will be discounted to you.
White List - a list of IPs approved by you from which numbers can be purchased. You can create a White List yourself. For the safety of your funds, operations from other IPs will be blocked.
With a low number of successful registrations (6% and below), the account is blocked for 30 minutes. You can remove the restriction yourself to avoid downtime.
Numbers at wholesale price become available forever on your account only after you spend 50.000 rubles on activations

An option for registration in services where you need to enter the last digits of the incoming number for confirmation.

The number is provided for 5 minutes. You need to enter it in the service where you need to pass verification within this time. Then a code will be displayed on the page "Activation" at SMS-Activate. If you have problems with activation, cancel the purchase of the number before 5 minutes pass.

If you purchase the service, you can also receive unlimited SMS to the purchased number within 20 minutes. Verification service is provided at the same favorable price for all services.

*Only 1 number can be received. If you receive an incoming call and confirmation numbers, no refund is possible.

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