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What is Verification by number?

Verification by number is a service for those cases when you need to enter the last digits of an incoming call to confirm your phone number. This method of verification is used by WhatsApp, marketplaces and other services.

How to pass verification by number with SMS-Activate?

  • Choose the service and country in the left menu on the site;
  • There is a line "Verification by number" just below the service name: activate the service with the switch on the right side;
  • A number will appear on the "Activations" page, copy it and enter it into the verification field of the service;
  • As soon as the number gets a call, the last digits of the number will be displayed in the activation card.

To finish the process you should enter these numbers on the verification page of the service.

Important! Numbers for verification are given for 5 minutes. If you don't have a chance to receive a call within this time, activation will still be considered completed. To avoid such situations, use your time to cancel the number before the activation time expires. To do this, click on the red cross to the right of the number.

What services use verification by number?

  • Social networks, forums, messengers (WhatsApp, etc.)
  • Marketplaces (eBay, etc.)
  • Payment systems (Alipay, etc.)
  • Retail chains and other services with a loyalty program
  • Ads boards

Verification by number may also be required when connecting to a public Wi-Fi network and in other cases.

Who will find this service useful?

The service may be helpful if you are engaged in:

  • Marketing;
  • PR and SMM promotion;
  • Traffic Arbitrage;
  • SEO promotion;
  • Sales on ads boards;

Или просто следите за скидками и бонусами.

Try the service of verification by number and you'll open new opportunities with SMS-Activate!

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