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Twitch is the most popular platform for gameplay streaming among gamers. The service appeared in 2011 as a subsidiary project of justin.tv, and since 2012 it has been an official partner of world cyber sports championships. Obviously, the rapid growth was possible not only due to good funding, but also thanks to significant demand for a product created specifically for gamers. Today Twitch has more than 2 million streamers and 15 million active viewers.

For most countries a convenient monetization that helps turn the hobby into a source of income is available. In addition to ad integrations, which are available even to streamers with a small audience, the platform provides paid subscriptions, so that fans can support authors of high-quality content. This attracts more and more bright young content creators to the platform.

How to avoid Twitch blockings 

Except for the main regalia, Twitch has obtained a reputation as a service where it's easy to get banned. Serial blocking for ethical reasons began in 2020 and has affected both famous media personalities and ordinary streamers. An account can be blocked after any complaint connected to offensive language or behavior. It often happens without additional checks from the administration.   

You can get a ban for:

  • Using words that are offensive to certain groups of people, as defined by the regulations;

  • Threatening someone, hate and stalkering;

  • Streaming pirated content, broadcasting games before the official release;

  • Using music that violates copyrights;

  • Broadcasting when wearing inappropriate clothes.

We do not welcome insults and encourage you to follow the rules of the website. But if you need to perform actions that could potentially cause a block, we recommend registering an additional account. Since verification of your account requires confirmation of your phone number, you can use one-time virtual numbers by SMS-Activate. For just 1 ruble you'll get a temporary number which you can use to receive a verification code and register your account for any purpose. 

How to register an additional Twitch account 

If you use Twitch as a source of traffic, send referral links to chats, or perform other actions that can cause blocking, you'll need additional accounts. A pool of accounts can also help you promote a recently created channel and start chat activity. One more important advantage: registering to a virtual number with VPN/Proxy will help to bypass regional blockings and create an account in any country different from your real geolocation.

To purchase numbers for Twitch registration, do the following steps:

  1. Choose Twitch from the list of services on the SMS-Activate website;

  2. Select the country and quantity of numbers, then click on "cart";

  3. The number you bought will appear on the "Activations" page; 

  4. Copy it and enter it into the Twitch registration page;

  5. When the confirmation code is delivered, it will appear to the right of the number in the activation card and you can complete verification.

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