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Snapchat is a space for communication and creativity, as well as a great platform to promote products, services or personal brands. There is a special atmosphere here: young audience, no bad news, more relaxed and open to new suggestions. Snapchat has its own advertising tools: Snap ads, Collection ads, etc. You can also attract traffic with newsletters or interesting content. So, explanation why SMM or traffic arbitrage specialists may need Snapchat accounts. 

SMS-Activate virtual numbers can help you register a multi-account. Using them, you can mask your traffic by selecting your or another country's numbers, or simply create an anonymous secure account for personal purposes.

Snapchat registration with an SMS-Activate number and with no providing any personal information is easy:

  1. Download the Snapchat app;

  2. Open the SMS-Activate website, select the Snapchat service in the left menu and choose the desired country for registration;

  3. Click on the "cart" icon to buy the number;

  4. The virtual number will appear on the "Activation" page. Enter it in the Snapchat registration field;

  5. Enter the confirmation code you receive.

You will also need an email when registering. You can find out how to create a Google account with a virtual number in this article.

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