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Number reactivation after expiration of its usage period

If the time of a number use has expired, but you need to restore access to your account and receive SMS, use the service of reactivation. If the number is still available, we provide you with the option to receive an SMS.

Unfortunately, we can't guarantee definite periods when reactivation is available because it usually happens that used sim cards become inaccessible in 24 hours. But we will definitely check the availability of your number at your request and try to help you.

How to ensure the chance to get your number reactivated

If you assume the necessity of reactivation in advance, then choose numbers of the MTT operator. MTT numbers can receive SMS within 2 weeks after the end of the usage period. If your account is very important and you may need to restore access to it, we recommend you to buy numbers of this operator.

Cost of the Reactivation service

Please note: the cost of reactivation is fixed now.

  • As for wholesale customers, the price is equal to the initial cost of a number; 
  • As for private customers, the price is equal to 150% of the initial cost.

Exceptions include such services as PayPal(ts), "Betting"(ft), Casino/bet/gambling(pc) and "Any other" (ot) services. As for them, the cost is 200% of the activation price.

How to use the reactivation service

  • Log into the service;
  • Click on "History" in the drop-down menu of your profile;
  • Find the number you need in the "General History" tab;
  • Click "Actions", then "Activate number" on the right side of the number.

If you can't reactivate the number using this algorithm, it means that it has become unavailable. In this case, there is no possibility to use the number again.

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