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Netflix is a streaming service with unique content that drastically increased in popularity in 2016 and still maintains its leading position. It was Netflix that had launched conceptual projects such as "Black Mirror" and "Love, Death, and Robots", which changed the idea of the series format. And the service also gave us "Stranger Things," "House of Cards," "The Squid Game" and other popular shows. And perhaps not every Netflix series can be considered as unprecedentedly great, but the platform gives a chance to young film crews from different countries to express themselves. And that's already worthy of respect.

What a Netflix subscription can be like

A Netflix subscription allows you to watch all of the service's content, which includes series, animated films, feature-length and documentary films. You can watch videos from any device, and you can set up an account with an appropriate age restriction for your child. Subscriptions are divided into basic and full. In the first case, content will be played with ads, and video downloads will not be available. Nevertheless, many users choose this option.

How to get a Netflix subscription and spend less money

A basic subscription with ads isn't the only way to save money on watching Netflix. It's no secret that the cost of subscriptions for many services varies depending on the region. It is often possible to register an account from another country, pay for use with an international payment system and use the service at a lower price.

But it is not enough to choose another country when registering or even use Proxy/VPN to successfully hide your geolocation. To use the service, you need to confirm the phone number, and it must belong to the selected country. With the SMS-Activate service you can buy a number from one of 188 countries represented in the service and get a verification code for it.

Virtual numbers are also helpful in case Netflix is blocked in your region. Register your account to another country’s number via Proxy/VPN, and you will be able to use it on other devices without changing your geolocation.

How to buy a virtual number for Netflix

  1. Choose Netflix from the list of services in the left menu on the main page on SMS-Activate;

  2. Select the necessary country and quantity of numbers;

  3. Click on the "cart" icon to buy a number;

  4. The number will appear on the "Activations" page, copy and paste it into the Netflix verification field;

  5. The confirmation code will come to your personal SMS-Activate account and will appear in the activation card. Copy it and complete the registration.

If the confirmation code is not received within 20 minutes, the money will be automatically returned to the balance of your personal account.

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