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Mail.ru is a free email service owned by VK Company Limited since 2021. The service was ranked 58th most popular in the world in 2022. The platform is widely used not only in Russia, but also in other CIS countries. A Mail.ru account provides users with access to email, news portals and other subsidiary projects of the company.

To register an email address, a user has to enter and confirm their mobile number. If, for some reason, you consider it inconvenient to enter your real contact info, you can use SMS-Activate disposable virtual numbers.

Why do you need to register a Mail.ru address using a virtual number?

  1. To create an additional email address for personal purposes when you already have an account registered on your personal number. For example, you need to receive an email, but you are not ready to share your active email address.

  2. To ensure protection against data leak. If you plan to use an email address to sign up for a service which security is questionable, use a "fake" number.

  3. To register an address for further verification in other services, social networks or messengers. Additional email accounts allow you to create a multi-account with websites and applications that require email confirmation. 

  4. To avoid spam. Many companies send promo newsletters. If you don't want to clog up your main mailbox, create an additional one and enter it when registering on marketplaces, etc.

  5. To work in email marketing and IT. As for these areas, you often need to test the mechanisms for adding new email addresses to the database, ensure successful mailings, and avoid getting emails into spam. This can require many working accounts registered on virtual numbers.

How to sign up for Mail.ru without a phone number?

  1. Choose Mail.ru service in the left menu on the SMS-Activate website;

  2. Select country and necessary quantity of numbers;

  3. Click on the icon on the right to buy a number;

  4. The number will appear on the "Activation" page, copy it and enter it on the site or in Mail.ru application;

  5. Once the confirmation code arrives, it will appear in your personal SMS-Activate account to the right of the number;

  6. Copy the code and finish registration.

    The cost of numbers for Mail.ru from SMS-Activate starts from 1 ruble, which allows you to register many accounts for any purpose.

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