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What a disposable phone number is, why and how to use it

One often deals with situations when it is needed to use a disposable (virtual or temporary number) to receive SMS instead of our own. We may need them to register in online services, to keep privacy on the Internet, as well as to earn money and for many other purposes as well. Let's find out the features of disposable numbers and see how to use them.

What is a disposable number?

A disposable phone number is also called a "virtual number" because it is a number that you get remotely over the network and use only once. Most often, it is used to receive an SMS with a confirmation code from an online service.

In order to use a disposable number, you don't have to buy a SIM card or go anywhere at all. It's enough to open our website and rent a number for 20 minutes or more. During this time you can easily receive an SMS with a code, register an account on the resource you are interested in and use it for your own purposes.

Disposable numbers work online due to special equipment and software code. That means, you can get such a number and use it wherever there is Internet connection, using your smartphone or laptop.

What are the disposable numbers for?

The use of disposable virtual numbers is very widespread, as they can help in a variety of situations. Let's discuss the most common ways to use virtual numbers:

1. Registration in online services

This is probably the main purpose for which disposable numbers are needed. With their help it is easy to register a new account in any social network, instant messengers, on various websites, etc.

If you already have an account binded to your main number, then rent a disposable number, receive a text message, pass verification and use the second account with no restrictions.

2. Making money online

If you want to copy with mass registration of accounts, everything works exactly the same then. For example, traffic arbitrage, promotion in social networks and, of course, sales on special platforms. Ready-made accounts are in high demand, and if you register one with our disposable virtual numbers, you have a guarantee of quality.

Disposable numbers are an effective tool for marketers, SMM specialists and all others involved in the digital sphere.

3. Promo, discounts, bonuses

Disposable numbers are extremely actively used by those who want to participate in a promo or different online contests repeatedly, as well as repeatedly receive a discount using the same promo code or various bonuses for targeted actions.

Let’s take a promo code for your first order at a marketplace or a food delivery service. Imagine you have already used it on your main account. Then you rent a disposable number, register a new account, make an order and use the same promo code again. This works in any similar case.

Thus, disposable numbers help you save money every day and give you the opportunity to win prizes during promo, get discounts in stores and other services several times. You can learn more about it on our Telegram channel.

4. Keeping privacy on the net

The question of personal data security is relevant. If you do not trust the resource where you are going to register, or just do not want to enter your personal number, then just use a disposable number and do not worry about privacy. Neither the website you surf nor our service will get your personal information.

SMS-Activate disposable numbers advantages

The main advantage of our disposable numbers is reliability and high percentage of sms delivery. When you rent a number on our website, you can be sure that you will receive an SMS with a confirmation code fast, and the account registered on the number will not be banned.

Thanks to our service you can verify your account and identity not only by sms, but also by receiving a call, which significantly expands the possibilities and scope of disposable numbers usage.

We have 24/7 access to numbers from over 190 countries. You will be able to register an account of any service in the world on the number you need. Such flexibility and variability cancels any restrictions in the world of registrations.

You can rent a number not only for a short period of time, but also for several weeks. For example, to use call forwarding to work with online sales and receive calls to your main number.

A bonus for you: despite the fact that the numbers are called "disposable", with our service you will be able to receive SMS repeatedly and restore access to your account if it was lost.

We have listed some of the benefits. There is also a loyalty program and a bunch of bonuses waiting for you.

Use our disposable numbers in any situation when you need to get verified and receive sms!

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