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Faceit is one of the most popular platforms for organizing eSports events and tournaments of any level, from amateur to professional. You can build your dream team, create your own community or join existing ones. Participate in tournaments for real prizes in CSnull, DOTA 2, PUBG, LOL and other games. Thanks to the platform's algorithms, it takes a few seconds to choose a team taking your rank into account. 

How to create a second Faceit account?

Service actively fights against multi-accounts. The policy of the platform implies fair play and prevents smurfing and re-calibration with the skills of an experienced player. Second or any additional account can easily be banned if the algorithms suspect a rule violation. Nevertheless, if you are pursuing purely innocent aims and do not want to spoil the game for others, we have a solution.

First, you need to create a new Google or Facebook account to sign up for Faceit. Virtual numbers for receiving a confirmation code for these services, as well as for Steam, Battle.net, etc., can be purchased on SMS-Activate. When registering, it's important to use a proxy so your account won't be tracked by ID.

So, you have passed the initial registration. Such an account may already exist on Faceit, but its owner will not be able to participate in matches. Also, the site will ask passive accounts to pass verification by number if there is a suspicion of multi-accounting. In such a situation you can use a virtual number from SMS-Activate again. You can buy it at the price starting from 2.5 rub, copy it and use it for verification. The verification code will come to your personal SMS-Activate account.

How to buy a virtual number for Faceit

  1. Choose Faceit from the list of services in the left menu on the main page on SMS-Activate;

  2. Select the necessary country and quantity of numbers;

  3. Click on the "cart" icon to buy a number;

  4. The number will appear on the "Activations" page, copy and paste it into the Faceit verification field;

  5. The confirmation code will come to your personal SMS-Activate account and will appear in the activation card. Copy it and complete the registration.

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