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Why is the whole world buying on eBay?

The iconic U.S. marketplace eBay helps everyone find even the rarest goods, and even on the other side of the planet. Originally, the platform was conceived as an online auction, and had existed in this format quite a long time. Collectors and art historians still make up a big part of the website's users. But as time passed, the creators were inspired by the idea of creating a marketplace, and products from retailers and manufacturers started to appear on eBay.

Today eBay is one of the world's main marketplaces, where you can buy literally everything, from a needle to even a car. In 2020, eBay was one of the world's top 50 websites, surpassed only by Amazon in the sphere of e-commerce. In early 2022, there were 142 million active users and 1.5 billion ads on eBay. So, what is the secret of the site’s attractiveness? How has it grown into an international giant, starting from, to be honest, an online flea market?

  • One can choose both new items at a fixed price and haggle for previously used items;

  • Many products are delivered anywhere in the world, they can be identified by the “worldwide” tag;

  • PayPal (if you use this payment method) will automatically refund your purchase if you are not satisfied with the quality of the goods;

  • You can find rare antiques, collectibles, and brand name items that are not available in your country;

  • You can find new or used goods at very low prices.

All deals are profitable not only for the buyer as eBay is an excellent platform for sellers too. Low commission (13%) and absence of unnecessary legal framework have helped many entrepreneurs grow their business from single sales to a high turnover. Here you can sell handmade items or appliances bought at below market price during sales. Ads are moderated within half an hour. Traffic attraction mechanisms and eBay's overall elaborate marketing strategy won't leave you without orders.

How to register an eBay account with a virtual number?

eBay requires phone number verification to confirm your account. If you don't want to keep your real number or you are registering a second/additional account, use a virtual number from SMS-Activate. To do that:

  • Choose eBay from the list of services on the left side of the site;

  • Select the desired country;

  • Click "cart" to buy the number;

  • The number will appear on the "Activation" page, copy it and use it to confirm number on eBay;

  • Once the confirmation code is received, it will appear in your personal account to the right of the number.

If you're planning to receive calls from a seller (or a buyer, if you're a seller), consider the call forwarding service by SMS-Activate. Choose "Any other + call forwarding" In the list of services to apply it. So, you can pass verification and use your virtual number as a contact info, and after that receive calls to your real phone number, which is convenient to you. Thus, you solve the communication issue and keep your main number anonymous. 

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