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Delivery Club is one of the most popular cafes and restaurants aggregators with its own food delivery service. Delivery Club staff deliver food from your favorite restaurants in the best way keeping the right temperature level. Large base of couriers makes delivery in 15 minutes (or even less) possible. 

When registering, the app demands a phone number. But after the recent data "leak" incident, not everyone is willing to trust personal data to the aggregator's security system. If you're not ready to share your personal phone number either, use SMS-Activate virtual numbers.

The service allows you to register any quantity of accounts without binding them to a personal number. The verification code will come to your personal SMS-Activate account, no one except you can see it. As for potential communication with the courier on delivery, the app has a chat function for this. 

In addition, you will get an extra benefit when ordering. When you install the app, the company often rewards users with a welcome promo code providing discounts or free delivery. Having a new number, you can register as a new user, which gives you access to all these bonuses. 

Delivery Club also has usual promo codes for discounts. For example, at the moment of writing the article, there is a 25% discount on orders from restaurants. Promo codes can be applied only once in each account. But if you have more than one account, you can also get a discount on multiple orders instead of just one.

So, why register the Delivery Club app using a virtual number?

  1. For regular orders to avoid promotional spam messages;

  2. To secure personal information from fraudsters. Hacker attacks on delivery services have happened recently;

  3. To receive welcome promo codes, discounts, and gifts for the first order.

How to register a Delivery Club account without a phone number

  1. Find Delivery Club in the left menu on the main page of SMS-Activate;

  2. Choose a country and buy a number by clicking on the "cart";

  3. The number will appear on the "Activation" page, copy it and enter it in the Delivery Club registration field;

  4. As soon as the code arrives, it will appear in the activation card, copy it and complete the registration.

By the way, with SMS-Activate virtual numbers you can register accounts in other delivery services and cafes, such as Yandex, Burger King or KFC. Appreciate your privacy and have a good meal!

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