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AliExpress is a global marketplace with millions of products from Chinese manufacturers. Over 200 million unique users visit the site and app annually. They come here for electronics, clothing, home accessories, the most unexpected goods, and, of course, for low prices. The Marketplace is distinguished by its loyal policy towards users and sufficient control over the sellers who provide their products on the site. If you have tried shopping on AliExpress as well, you will definitely be wondering how to get even more coupons and promo codes for discounts. 

Why do you need an additional AliExpress account?

To get more discounts! AliExpress is generous with promo codes and discounts for the users who make their first purchases. You can also get discounts during promotions and sales, or just for installing the app. But more often, the best offers are only available once for each user. Therefore, additional AliExpress accounts can ensure better deals. Especially, if you plan to resell goods. Then, your profit will increase correspondingly to the amount of the discount on the promo code.

In case you've been banned. It's no secret that Chinese goods do not always match the description. Marketplace policy most often protects the interests of the buyer, making it possible to quickly make a refund. But sometimes after such precedents sellers block dissatisfied users. If you want to continue buying from a particular seller or provide true feedback, register an additional account.

To control prices. The site is available worldwide, and some sellers intentionally inflate prices for certain countries and regions. With a virtual number of another country (and using a VPN/proxy) you can create an account with a geolocation different from your real one, and see the prices for other regions. Having such a screenshot you can bargain.

How to register AliExpress using a virtual number: 

  1. Choose the AliExpress service in the left menu on the SMS-Activate website;

  2. Select the country of registration. It must match the real geolocation of the device, unless you use a proxy or VPN;

  3. Click on the “cart” icon to buy a number;

  4. The virtual number will appear in the "Activations" section, copy it and enter it into the AliExpress verification field;

  5. Confirmation code will appear in the activation card to the right of the number.

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