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JoyBuy.com: best traditions of Chinese marketplaces

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about the Chinese e-commerce industry? Of course, it is Jack Ma and his giant AliExpress. But it is not the only Chinese marketplace providing good prices. A powerful competitor has been developing during recent years, and if you are not already familiar with it, you miss a lot.

JoyBuy.com (JD) is already being called the "Chinese answer to Amazon”. Whereas AliExpress focuses on Chinese manufacturers, JoyBuy.com creates an optimal environment for global brands that are not physically present in China. The site's customer base is more than 450 million buyers, and the stock is growing rapidly annually.

Why is it worth shopping at JoyBuy.com (JD)?

  • Assortment. The marketplace has many product categories, but the specialty is technology and electronics. 

  • Logistics. JoyBuy.com has the most up-to-date logistics and product storage system among the Chinese marketplaces. A large network of warehouses can significantly reduce delivery time.

  • Prices. The Marketplace adheres to a democratic pricing policy, works directly with manufacturers and does not burden sellers with large commissions. Due to this fact, many products can be purchased cheaper than on other platforms. In addition, you can find significant discounts on the site, and not only during the sale season.

  • Original goods. We are not talking about the weird stuff for some obscure purpose that you can't find anywhere else except on Chinese marketplaces. JoyBuy takes the question of fake products seriously: you just won't find them on the site.

  • Security. JoyBuy.com encrypts all data protecting the payments with modern cryptographic systems. In practice this means a secure payment for the buyer.

  • Refunds. You can easily get your money back if the item doesn't match the description or if it is rejected.

Besides, when buying on JoyBuy.com, you are supporting a next-generation high-tech marketplace. The company is among the world leaders in machine learning, robotics and AI development. JoyBuy.com was also the first to integrate the digital yuan and partner with the Central Bank of China.

Virtual numbers for JoyBuy.com (JD)

SMS-Activate offers disposable numbers for registering a new account on JoyBuy.com. This is needed to register an additional account or simply to avoid advertising mailings. Numbers’ price starts from 2 rubles depending on the country of registration. If this is your first time using SMS-Activate, follow these brief instructions:

  1. Choose the JDcom (JoyBuy’s head company) service on the left menu and click the shopping cart icon to purchase the number;

  2. The number will appear on the "Activations" page. Copy the number and enter it on the JoyBuy.com (JD) website;

  3. An SMS with a confirmation code will appear in your personal SMS-Activate account to the right of the purchased number. 

Even if you have no or little interest in technology, the benefits of the JoyBuy.com (JD) marketplace are obvious to you. Large assortment, low prices, easy refunds, all the bonuses of shopping on Chinese sites, but without the high risks of long delivery or receiving poor-quality products. Don't buy anywhere until you check prices on JoyBuy.com.

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