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X2 cashback for virtual numbers

Get X2 cashback for virtual number purchase

November sales are going on and gradually turning into New Year's discounts. We’ve decided not to stay aside and make our loyal customers happy. As you already know, we offer increased cashback for your purchases. Cashback will be returned to your balance in your personal SMS-Activate account. The promo will last until December 4. What is the principle of providing cashback? We used our loyalty program as the basis for the promo.

What is Loyalty program?

It seems complicated at first, but actually it is transparent and profitable. Since we already keep our prices at a minimum level, the bonus system is created primarily for wholesale customers. If you earn with SMS-Activate, you'll feel the full benefit, which means you'll get more advantages!

How all this works:

Your personal conditions depend on two account characteristics:

  • Level is regularity of your replenishments. When you deposit the same amount each calendar week, your level increases. Every Monday we add up the amount you have topped up during the previous week and calculate your rank.

  • Rank is the total amount you have topped up. The first rank can be obtained when replenishing by 1000 rubles. It is convenient because it allows you to increase a level according to your numbers demand without raising the amount of replenishments.

Depending on your rank and level you get special conditions then: 

  • The ability to cancel blocking manually in case of sorting out numbers;

  • Special wholesale prices;

  • 40% Discount on our services.

We refund cashback for all loyalty program members starting from 1 rank x 1 level. The amount of cashback increases from 1% to 20% depending on your upgrade. You can read more about it here.

Let’s increase your cashback now

In frames of the promo your loyalty program cashback will get bigger. To become a member, activate promo code CASHX2 in your personal account. Having used it, you'll get special cashback conditions:

  • X1,5 cashback - if you have raised 2 levels since November 7 or have the maximum level in the loyalty program;

  • X2 cashback - if you have moved up by 1 rank since November 7 or have the maximum rank in the loyalty program.

Please, pay attention that the calculation has started on November 7. Thus, if you have previously increased a rank or level, and you only activated a promo code today, your cashback for future replenishments will still be increased.

We warmly welcome every participant! That's how we know you like our promos, and we need to hold them more often!

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