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Why SMS from SMS-Activate are not delivered: main reasons for failure and how to deal with them

Why are SMS from SMS-Activate not delivered?

SMS-Activate service provides an opportunity to receive SMS to a temporary virtual number. The service is used to pass verification when you register in any social network, marketplace or other online resource. It helps in case you need an additional account or you are not ready to use your real number for registration. Most often the service delivers SMS correctly. A verification code is displayed in the user's account on the site or in the SMS-Activate application. But sometimes technical difficulties occur, so users do not receive their codes. What can cause problems with receiving SMS from SMS-Activate and what to do in such a case? We will discuss it in this article.

Reasons for not receiving SMS from SMS-Activate 

All the reasons why SMS does not come to a user, can be divided into two groups:

  1. Some service does not send SMS

Sometimes this can happen due to a technical failure. In this case, you can just request your verification code again after some time passes. But in some cases security algorithms intentionally block sending a code. This happens if there are many requests from one IP. The algorithms realize that most likely there is registration through special software. What to do in such a situation? Read further.

  1. Supplier’s mistake

To provide a large amount of numbers from different countries, SMS-Activate works with thousands of suppliers around the world. At the connection stage we conduct verification and provide detailed instructions. But it is not always possible to track the work of a particular supplier. If the supplier withdrew a card from sale too early, or there are other technical difficulties on their side, SMS from the service just cannot be delivered to SMS-Activate.

The SMS-Activate service itself only provides the technical base and is an intermediary between a provider and a number buyer. Problems on the service side practically never happen, but technical support always helps to find solutions in any case.

What to do if an SMS from SMS-Activate can’t be received?

How to solve a not-delivered-SMS problem? First of all, make sure that you have not lost money for buying the number. SMS-Activate service is prepared for such situations in advance, and there should be no problems. In case you use an activation, the money for your number will be automatically returned to your balance if an SMS is not received within 20 minutes. In case of a number rent, you can cancel the purchase of the service within 20 minutes by yourself. If a code has not arrived during this time, the money will be returned to your balance. If you did not receive a message, but the money has not been returned, please contact the technical support of the service. 

SMS-Activate does not send SMS, what to do?

In most cases users can solve such problems on their own. If the tech support is processing a large pool of requests, it will be even faster to do everything by yourself. Here are the most effective tips on how to solve the problem with not delivery of SMS from SMS-Activate:

1. Use a Proxy or VPN with geolocation that matches the country of a number;

2. Clear cookies/cache and register in a private browser tab (incognito mode);

3. Use another device or smartphone emulator. 

4. Try requesting a code from a different mobile operator or another country. There is a country selection in the basic settings of the left menu. To select an operator, add the service to "Favorites".

How to check the reason for SMS non-delivery from SMS-Activate?

There are no tools in the user interface to establish the reason in each specific case. If SMS-activate doesn't send SMS with a confirmation code and you're wondering how to check it, just rely on the information described above. If you use virtual numbers for making business on selling accounts, make sure of your proxy quality. For example, free proxies and VPNs can be quickly blacklisted by services.

If you're registering accounts one by one and have chosen the right number region, the tips from points 2 and 4 will definitely help you.

How to contact the SMS-Activate support team upon the SMS non-delivery question?

If you have tried the above mentioned methods and still couldn’t solve the problem, then don't hesitate to contact tech support. Here are the ways to get in touch:

1) Telegram 

@SA_Support_mobile_Bot - here you will get answers in Russian and English;  

@SA_support_china_bot - here you will get answers in Chinese;

2) Chat on the site: the dialog panel is on the right side of the website, but it can be disabled if there is a lot of workload on tech support.

3) Facebook;

4) Instagram;

5) Email [email protected].

Tg is the preferred communication channel where you'll get the fastest response. However, you can use each of the ways if they are more convenient for you.

What technical problems with SMS-Activate service can lead to non-delivery of SMS: summing up 

Problems may occur at the stage of a code request. If a service suspects you of conducting mass registration, it may block sending the verification code. In this case, you need to use a VPN/Proxy. If you do not register accounts in large amounts, such a problem is almost impossible then. Technical failures on the side of a SIM card provider are also possible. In this case, you can buy a new number or change the operator which will be even better.

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