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What our Telegram bot is good at and why you need it

Telegram has become synonymous with the Internet in general for many people. It's the platform where we read news, talk to each other, and watch memes (of course, we need them). Many magazines have channels and representatives in Telegram, and media personalities share their opinions in their channels. Just take a look at the statistics:

  • More than 42 million people a day visit Tg in Russia alone; 

  • 700 million people constantly use the messenger all over the world;

  • There are 366,000 channels and 36,000 chats created in Russia;

  • Everyone publishes in "Telegram": in 2022, Telegram broke the records of other sources by the growth of authors;

  • The average Telegram user spends 35 minutes a day in the messenger.

  • The messenger has over 700 million regular users;

  • In June 2022, there were 652,000 channels and 64,000 chats on Telegram;

  • More than 15 billion messages are sent through Tg every day.

To make it short, Telegram has become a usual ecosystem for many of us. So, we’ve come up with an idea that it would be cool to provide an opportunity to buy virtual numbers inside the familiar messenger. Thus the Telegram-bot of SMS-Activate has appeared.

What can SMS-Activate bot do?

Once you run the bot and log in, Telegram will add information about your account: balance, rank, cashback amount, purchase history, etc. A menu opens below where you can choose what you plan to use the bot for during the session. You have the following options:

  • Top up balance;

  • Choose a country and operator;

  • Buy a number;

  • Rent a number;

  • Receive a confirmation code;

  • Pass verification by call;

  • Use "Multiservice";

  • Make a search by active numbers;

  • Make a list of favorite services.

How to start using the bot?

  1. Launch the Telegram bot. Please note: to start communication with the bot, use the link we put in the official Telegram channel or on the website. 

  2. The bot will offer you to register. If you already have an account, send the email address you have binded to the bot. If you don't have one, click the "Register" button. Note, that registration through the bot is the fastest way to create an account on SMS-Activate.

  3. Confirm the registration of a new account if you actually need to create a new profile. We additionally ask you to confirm the action, so that you will definitely get access to your personal account in case you accidentally clicked on the registration button the first time.

  4. The new account is created. Main menu will be opened in the chat, and you will receive your API-key. You will need it if you are going to automate registration of accounts 

  5. Top up your balance and select the necessary functions in the bot menu.

If you just need to receive the code as soon as possible, stick to the following algorithm then:

  1. Start the bot;

  2. Click the "Activation" button;

  3. Choose a service. If you did not specify the country in advance, the bot will automatically suggest the number of the country you specified during registration;

  4. Click the "Buy" button. At this stage you can switch the service to verification by call with the "Receive call" button;

  5. As soon as the code arrives, it will be displayed in the chat.

All functions are described and arranged so that you can easily navigate through them, even if you use the bot for the first time. 

If you have any questions or suggestions for improving the bot, be sure to write to our technical support. You can see the link to the chat directly in the bot, at the bottom of the menu. Having scrolled down the menu to the bottom, be sure to subscribe to our social networks channels. The button is next to them. Thus you'll be aware of all the promotions and news of our service.

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