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News from partners: major update of Telegram Expert

  • Invite via administrators v2
  • Sending messages
  • Reading dialogs
  • Manual account registration
  • Brand new Name Generator
  • Name change control
  • Proxy pool checker: you can check your provider!
  • We express our gratitude to our partners

Dear blb.team, do you have time to sleep at all? But seriously, we are very happy to see the progress of our partners. Today they are introducing another major update: new modules, new opportunities. As usual, we were the first to know everything and we'll tell you about it now!

Invite via administrators v2

“This module has been requested by users for a long time. We've managed to make it as automated as possible, with a minimum of unnecessary actions.”

Updated invite through admins works based on 2 bot's tokens. It's a very efficient algorithm, as the module does everything automatically:

  • Assigns bots as admins;
  • Adds and removes administrators;
  • Reassigns a task from a Silver bot to a Gold bot if the bot token can no longer perform the task of removing administrators in the group.

The process of using the module is extremely simple:

  • Create 2 free bots through @BotFather;
  • Choose accounts;
  • Enter tokens into the program;
  • Select the main administrator or owner account.

It's done: Telegram Expert will do all remaining things automatically. It will add bots in the correct order, check if the user is in the group BEFORE the invite, and complete the invite itself.

Now it's much easier and faster to fill the group with new members through administrators!

Sending messages

The following options have now become available in each sending module:

  1. Sending video messages;
  2. File self-destruction after 60 seconds;
  3. Pinning a message in the dialog.

Reading dialogs

Some users asked for a module to set the “read” status inside an account. Now this module is also available in Telegram Expert.

Manual account registration

Telegram Expert has got a manual account registration module now. You can create one or a couple of accounts with SMS-Activate numbers manually, without emulators or your own devices, using which there is a risk of getting banned. Manual entry of email addresses, mobile phone emulation and temporary emails are supported as well.

Brand new Name Generator

The developer has added a new neural network for name generation. The neural network produces more than 1 billion unique names, and the generator works fully automatically. Selecting names from the module has been removed, but the option to set your own first and last names from a file is still remaining.

Other registration updates:

  • The ability to set one 2FA for all accounts when registering has been added;
  • SMS delivery to numbers of many countries has been improved;
  • Parameter generator has been updated, so now emulation of new Telegram versions is available

Name change control

Our partners have built additional control options into Telegram Expert. They will save your accounts from being blocked. These options are especially useful for users who are just starting their journey on Telegram. Name change control prohibits name changes on accounts that are less than 3 days old. The option can be easily disabled in the main settings.

Proxy pool checker: you can check your provider!

This module will become an indispensable assistant for those who register accounts in big quantities. Now users can quickly and accurately check the proxies that they use.

The checker studies the depth of the pool and sees how many unique IP addresses are actually in the pool.

Proxy services often declare large pools of IP addresses of one or another country on their websites, but in fact the real numbers are significantly different. Now, having Telegram Expert, you can check the depth of any pool literally in a couple of clicks!

We express our gratitude to our partners

Work with Telegram registrations is not only difficult, but also a profitable one. SMS-Activate team sees the challenges our users face along the way. We can only improve our part of the process: provide quality numbers, attract new suppliers, and improve service.

But thanks to the work of Telegram Expert registration is really becoming easier. We are glad that there is such a developer on the market and that they are among our partners. We hope that our mutual efforts will make your work easier and more efficient. Even if you haven't been able to set up the registration process before, the new modules will make it all possible!

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