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Unblocking a Twitter ads account

Twitter ads account is blocked

Twitter seems to be going through a midlife crisis. This is evidenced by regular changes in its user policy and controversial press releases. In order to retain audience loyalty in February, the site moderated some blocking rules. Now accounts are not blocked for minor violations, but become a subject to temporary restriction of using some functions. By the way, owners of previously blocked accounts can also appeal and be unblocked under the new rules. Also, posts that indirectly contradict the policy will just have a lower index. 

But what if you use Twitter to promote products or services? How will the new rules work for advertising and what should you do if your account is blocked? Let's find out.

Why can accounts be blocked on Twitter?

To promote an advertisement post through Twitter Ads, you need to pass a background check. Below is a list of topics and content that can cause rejection of your application.

What you can't promote on Twitter:

  • Any "sex" products;

  • Advertisements of illegal substances, alcohol, tobacco;

  • Illegally obtained or illegally produced products;

  • Any services related to finance, betting or gambling;

  • Government media;

  • Pirated and malicious software;

  • Pharmaceuticals and medical supplies;

  • Weapons.

What kind of posts will definitely not get through moderation, even if the product itself fits the advertising rules:

  • Erotic posts;

  • Content created with violation of copyrights;

  • Content that incites hatred;

  • Materials related to politics.

Even a single tweet that seriously violates the site's rules, can lead to blocking of all advertising campaigns and ban the user. As for minor violations, users receive a temporary blocking and a message with comments on the points that should be deleted or corrected. 

Unblocking a Twitter ads account

In case you have violated one of the rules by mistake and plan to advertise only "white" goods and services, contact the moderators then. 

If your account is not blocked, but some actions are restricted, log in and go through verification of ownership (verification by email, SMS and captcha). After that, find the message about the reasons for blocking and delete the specified posts. Then send a request to get unblocked.

If you got a full ban, find the message from the moderator in the email to which the account was binded. You should use the exact link that you received in the message from a moderator. When you click on it, the staff member will already have access to your blocking history.  

The decision to unblock is made by employees individually, and in a controversial situation it may all depend on the position of a person. Be polite and careful to achieve the desired result.

How to prevent blocking of your account in the future

The main rule is the same for all advertising activities: read the rules of the site where you plan to post. Once Twitter is resold, the rules change frequently, so stay tuned. Do not use forbidden content in advertising on social platforms. Modern algorithms detect such violations very quickly. Delete all the tweets pointed out by a moderator, because a single mistake can lead to the termination of all advertising campaigns. 

If you're consciously taking the risk, don't use your main account. It’s better to register an additional Twitter account using virtual SMS-Activate numbers and quality proxies or VPNs for further promotion.

Summarizing the information

In 2023, Twitter's blocking rules changed. The site now has two types of blocking, which are temporary one, when the account can only be read, and the full one, when you can't access the account. 

The site's rules reflect company policy, generally accepted moral principles, and local advertising laws. It's important to keep track of what changes in social platform policies can lead to blocking of an ads account. It is better to check the up-to-date list on Twitter itself, where it is regularly updated.

In case of serious violations (even single ones), all ads tweets will be removed from the publication, and the account may be permanently banned. Read the rules carefully before posting: creating a new ads account after Twitter has been blocked, will be troublesome. 

If you need an additional account for actions that may lead to blocking, register it to SMS-Activate virtual numbers.

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