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How to set up Proxy in Tor Browser

How to set up Proxy in Tor Browser 

Tor Browser is a browser created specifically for those who want to improve their online security. It is an anonymous browser that operates through a network of proxy servers. 

Setting proxies in Tor is necessary for users so that they could completely hide their personal data and increase safety when working on the net. This browser ensures privacy for any network connection, so you can solve personal and professional tasks online with no visible traces.

Using our proxy service proxy.sms-activate.org for Tor will help you keep your online activity even more secret.

Setup Instructions

Before proceeding to set up a proxy in Tor browser, buy private mobile or server proxies on our website https://proxy.sms-activate.org

1. Launch the Tor Browser and choose “Options” or “Connection settings”

2. Click “Tor” tab then to open settings

3. Enter your Proxy data which is address, port, proxy type, etc. Remember to click “I use proxy to connect to the Internet”

4. Enjoy privacy on the net!

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