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The best services for subscribers hack on Telegram

What is Telegram subscribers' hacking?

Telegram subscribers’ hacking is an artificial building of a basic audience in your channels, which greatly facilitates the further attraction of organic traffic and natural growth of the channel audience. In this article, we will take a look at the tools that will help gain subscribers on Telegram and avoid blockings.

Why is it needed to gain subscribers on Telegram?

As for most bloggers, activity in Tg is primarily a source of income, and increasing Telegram subscribers is not really about ego, but it is more about money. There are different ways to turn Telegram traffic into income: you can sell advertising in channels (in 2023 a post in a channel with 10-15 thousand subscribers costs 30-40$ on average, but in the sphere of business and finance, the price can reach 400$). Or you can just resell a promoted channel, as demand for channels with a “lie down period” ,even having only 1000 subscribers, is quite high.

It is very difficult to create a channel out of nothing: regardless of the value of content, users do not actively subscribe and do not trust a channel with less than 100 subscribers. If you don't have an active audience in another channel or social network that can be brought to the new channel, promotion to 100 subscribers can take several months. This process is greatly accelerated by hack tools. Even 100-300 subscribers proportionally increase the growth of organic traffic.

What are the methods of increasing subscribers on Telegram?

Like any service, Telegram subscribers’ boost can be of different quality. There are simple and cheap, but less reliable methods to increase your audience. 

For example, using bots will be cheaper. Bots are massively registered accounts without a real owner. The actual profit of such a boost is only that your channel gains a starting audience.  

Note: quality of bots also vary significantly. If accounts were registered through a good software with reliable proxies, it will be quite difficult to determine auto-registration for TG algorithms. In addition, their info will also be filled quite realistically, and not every visitor of the channel will realize that subscribers are not real users.

Gaining live users is more expensive. Many services have a base of user accounts that subscribe to the specified channels. To do this, users are paid with money or services. This is a better and more reliable method.

Is it safe to use special services to gain subscribers?

Theoretically, a channel can be blocked for boosting subscribers, or your so called "subscribers" will just be banned, so money will be wasted. To mitigate the risks, it is important to stick to the following rules:

  1. Your channel shouldn’t be used within 3-5 days before boosting subscribers.

  2. When you start, it is better to add no more than 100 subscribers per day. 50-70 will be ok.

  3. If you use a service for boosting, choose the most convenient one and stop, since the parallel use of 2 or more services increases the risk of blocking.

  4. Do not try to save money when boosting subscribers, as low-quality accounts discredit the channel.

  5. Boost not only users, but also reactions to posts: a realistic ratio of subscribers to activity in your channel will help attract advertisers and organic traffic.

  6. Publish content systematically and regularly, so that the channel doesn't look abandoned.

How to choose a good service for boosting subscribers?

To buy subscribers for Telegram without risks, you have to study the market at least a bit. There are quite large and well-known services for increasing subscribers, views and reactions (Taplike, Bosslike, VKTarget, etc.). But it is not all that simple when using this option.

Advantages of work with the services of boosting on Telegram:

  1. You don't need to go deep into anything: you just pay money and wait for the result.

  2. Affordable prices: one subscriber will cost less than 1 cent.

  3. Fast boost: the rate of growth depends only on your budgets and wishes.

Disadvantages of work with the services of boosting on Telegram: 

  1. This is not your aim audience, because subscribers you get are either bots or users who get paid for subscriptions and reactions. "Live" accounts can unsubscribe immediately after the end of the campaign or a guarantee period.     

  2. Unpredictable result: low-quality bots can be blocked and unsubscribed. The worst thing which can happen is that such bots will cause your channel to be blocked.

  3. You don't gain anything valuable but a number in the channel: after the starting audience is bought, you still have to go out into the "real world", find ways to attract live users, learn to distinguish them from bots and buy advertisements.

There is a way to boost subscribers on Telegram, which covers both needs at once: gaining a starting audience of high quality, and the further attraction of live users. We will tell you about this method below.

Self-made boosting, attracting target audience and providing promotion services on TG

It's easy to work with some services of boosting, but disadvantages of such campaigns are quite significant. If you have serious plans regarding monetization of TG traffic, we suggest you briefly study the topic of using software for boosting. This will help you attract live and interested users on your own, fully control the process and earn money on providing promotion services on Telegram.

What are combine tools for Telegram?

Combines are multifunctional programs that automate the entire process of attracting users: 

  1. Register and fill accounts’ info in large quantities;

  2. Use these accounts to follow specified channels, realize activity;

  3. Parses the audience of channels with similar topics;

  4. Filter true audience from bots;

  5. Send out invites to a lot of users.

Quality of accounts and their tasks can vary depending on the software developer and their understanding of Telegram security algorithms. We offer you the top quality and reliable products:

Telegram Expert. It is one of the market leaders in the sphere of software for Telegram boosting. Functionality of the software includes auto-registration, sending invites, autoresponder, parser and audience filter. Large Telegram Expert community proves the reliability of the developers and effectiveness of the software.

screen Telegram Expert

TG-Giant. This combine software allows you to register accounts, set avatars, usernames, account description, 2FA, etc. It also performs mass messaging and sending invites. There is a built-in text randomizer, which reduces the risk of account blocking (different messages are harder to recognize as spam).

screen TG-Giant

Yes, working with a software is more complicated than ordering a boost. But in this case you get a well-pre[ared business instead of paid services of questionable quality. Just check it out:

  1. You can register an unlimited number of bots within the time of the paid license;

  2. Using a software you can get a live target audience;

  3. You control the quality of bots by yourself;

  4. You can promote an unlimited number of TG-channels for sale or for other purposes;

  5. You are the owner of bots: you can provide paid services for subscription and activity, thus covering expenses for the software license and earning money.

Is it possible to increase subscribers for free?

Please note: it is actually possible to boost subscribers on Telegram for free only through services that provide live audiences. Some services (Bosslike, Vktarget, and VKserfing) have a bonus system. First, you perform the tasks of boosting other channels: subscribe,  react to posts and comment. Doing that you earn points. Then these points can be converted into services for your channel. Whether the effort corresponds to the profit is up to you to decide. 

What result can you expect from boosting subscribers on Telegram?

It all depends on the method of Telegram boosting and your final goals. If you want to develop a personal brand or sell, let’s say, some courses, you need not just to gain subscribers, but to get targeted traffic. In this case, simple ways of boosting will help at the start, but later you will need to go a long way, buy advertising and increase budgets. As a result, you will get an active and copper-bottomed audience. But it is more profitable to put this audience in the channel with at least a couple thousand subscribers of any quality. Thus, conversion from advertising will be much higher. 


If your goal is to sell advertising or channels, your efforts will be paid off faster and easier. You can sell advertising even in a channel with a 100% boosted audience. Although, it will be harder to find an advertiser, since most people have a minimal understanding of the topic before paying money. But if you continue to develop your channel and invest in advertising, your source will soon become a competitive advertising platform.

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