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We understand that using virtual numbers can be a complicated process, especially if you deal with them for the first time. That's why we pay a lot of attention to effective technical support for our users. We've gathered all the important information to help you quickly resolve any issue in this article.

Here are the channels you can use to contact tech support. Let’s start with those ones where you'll get the fastest response:

  1. Telegram

  • @SA_Support_mobile_Bot for requests in Russian, English and other languages;

  • @SA_support_china_bot for requests in Chinese.

  1. Chat on the website, which can be opened by clicking a button on the right (may be disabled at times of peak load).

  2. Messages in Instagram;

  3. Emails to [email protected].

There are some tips which will help us process your request faster:

  1. Provide complete information: specify your ID and email address binded to your account, and then describe the problem in detail.

  2. If your problem is connected to not receiving SMS on a particular number, please send us this number.

  3. If you're attaching data (numbers, ID, email), please send it as a text, not a screenshot. It'll help us process your data faster.

  4. If you send us a list of numbers to prolong rent, please do it at least several hours before the end of the rent period, as we still have to check the numbers. Try to copy the numbers as a text rather than send a screenshot.

  5. There are some days when our tech support team gets a lot of messages. If you have not received an answer in the work time, please do not duplicate the message, but just wait a bit. We process each request as quickly as possible, and additional requests only slow down the whole process.   

  6. If you have topped up your balance but the payment has not been processed yet, please wait for 15-20 minutes. Sometimes there are delays on the side of payment systems, and in case of recharging cryptocurrency payment can be delayed up to 60 minutes. Unfortunately, we can not affect that. If your request is connected to a payment, please attach the deposit cheque or hash of transaction (TxID) if the deposit was made through cryptocurrency.

  7. If you’ve noticed a problem with the site, try to make a screenshot or video of your screen. 

  8. If there is a problem with registration via a purchased number, please make sure you send screenshots of the registration process steps. 

  9. Pay attention to the sections "Instructions" and "Support" in the header of the site. They really contain a lot of useful information, which will allow you to find answers on your own. We are always happy to help, but at times of peak demand for technical support you may be faster to solve the problem by yourself.

Here goes one last wish. Don't forget to express words of gratitude for the tech support guys. Every day they process hundreds of requests to make your use of the service as comfortable as possible. We treat each user with the utmost respect and attention, and we are very pleased to receive positive feedback. It can be done through the special form for feedback, high evaluation of the app or just a kind emoji in a chat with a tech support employee:)

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