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Ready-made accounts for Telegram - Buy an account with subscribers

  • Ready-made Telegram accounts: buy or register

Ready-made Telegram accounts: buy or register

Telegram continues to gain popularity as a source of traffic. Promoting your channel, “seeding”, invitations, mailings, all these tools require a multi account in Tg for maximum efficiency. Moderation inside the messenger is getting more and more strict all the time, so the risk of being blocked increases as well. That's why you need to have a pool of advertising accounts for any traffic attraction actions.

We are going to analyze some advantages of buying and registering accounts, analyze the market of ready-made Telegram accounts with discounts, and find out where to buy reliable "warmed-up" accounts or a software for mass registrations. 

Where to find ready-made accounts for Telegram? 

You have 3 options:

  1. Buy ready-made Telegram accounts;

  2. Register accounts by yourself using virtual numbers;

  3. Register accounts through a special software.

Let's analyze the advantages, disadvantages and financial part of each method.

Buying ready-made Telegram accounts

It is not difficult to find accounts for sale on the net. For many users it is a familiar and profitable business. If necessary, you can choose a suitable account on hStock. This marketplace specializes in the sale of digital goods. All the accounts there correspond to the description, and each seller has their rating, which is formed on the basis of real customer reviews and feedback.


  • It's fast. You don't have to go through the registration process by yourself, as you get the login details right away when you buy an account. 

  • You can choose an account with the necessary characteristics: country and method of registration, level of info fulfillment, time that has passed since the registration, etc.

  • If you find a reliable seller, you can be sure that in the future all accounts will match their description.


  • Rather high price. A high-quality account with "longevity" will cost at least 0.3$.  Sometimes, during the shortage of certain services’ accounts sellers can raise the price. 

  • Goods are sold unofficially, so the risk of dealing with a not trusted seller is high.

Conclusion: if you need small amounts of accounts or you are not limited by your budget, the market of ready-made Telegram accounts is exactly what you need. The main thing is to choose a reliable service where you will purchase as much as you need.

Registration of legal ready-made Telegram accounts

Self-registered or manually registered accounts are the first thing that comes to mind when the need for multi-accounts arises. Since Telegram and other services demand from you to bind a phone number when registering, you'll need a virtual number service. SMS-Activate offers reliable numbers for registration in Telegram with prices starting from 0.17$" и снять ссылку с "SMS-Activate. A verification code is delivered directly to the site, so only you can see it. 


  • Low price. The expanses include only the purchase of a number for registration and payment for VPN/Proxy.

  • It’s ideal if you want to personalize your account as much as possible and imitate a real user. For example, an employee of your company.

  • It does not require additional skills and interaction with third parties (vendors).


  • You spend a lot of time creating and filling out an account.

  • You can't create a large number of accounts manually fast.

  • Risk of blocking. In general, it is concerning for any multi-account registration, but if you are just diving into the topic, you may not know it.

Conclusion: if you are just trying to attract leads through messengers and social networks, it is better to start with this way of creating working accounts. It is easy and cheap. It is worth using mobile Proxy to avoid blockings. If you have already reached a new level, in order to save time and avoid unnecessary labor, it is better to switch to more advanced methods of registering multiple accounts in Telegram.

Mass registration of Telegram accounts through API

If you need mass registration of Telegram accounts, try a registration software. Special software (TG-Giant, PHOENIX TGREGER, TelegramExpert) allows not only to register a thousand accounts per an hour, but also to fill them, add images, join chats, send messages and make other actions. You will not need any programming skills to create a large number of accounts in Telegram. Such software has a simple and clear interface and is adapted for use by people without any additional skills.

Software for automatic registration of Telegram accounts is used under license. You can pay for a certain period of use starting from 1 day to unlimited use depending on your goals. Having a license will not only satisfy your need for accounts, but it will also provide a chance to register Telegram accounts for sale on the abovementioned hStock Marketplace, which will compensate for the cost of a software.


  • Registration speed. You will have thousands of accounts per day.

  • Full automatization: modern software can fill accounts, imitate a real user, join chats, send invites and so on.

  • Variety: you can choose a module for the software that suits your tasks and not overpay for unnecessary functions.

  • It is more profitable to buy numbers for registration in bulk. With mass registrations you get special conditions and increased cashback for the purchase of numbers on SMS-Activate.


  • Price:  a good software monthly license costs at least 5,000 rubles.

  • Its use is not always justified: if you want to create a network of 10-50 accounts, you do not need the power of software. 


If you need a small number of accounts, it will be easier and more profitable to register them with virtual numbers or buy verified Telegram accounts with a verified number. But if you buy a license and use the software, you will not only get 10-20 thousand accounts a day, but you will also earn money by selling them on marketplaces.

Paid ready-made Telegram accounts: summary

If you need "live" accounts for the messenger, there are three ways out: buying active Telegram accounts with subscribers, self-registering and scripts or programs for mass registration of Telegram accounts. 

Buying active Telegram accounts with subscribers is a compromise method that allows you to quickly get accounts with the necessary characteristics, but it requires a big investment. This method is ideal if you need a small number of accounts within a short period. Price: approximately 0.3$. per one account.

Self-registration of accounts is the cheapest way, it requires some actions from you. Price: 0.17$ per one account (requires a virtual number for verification).

Mass registration of Telegram accounts for marketing purposes with the help of special software allows to get several hundreds of accounts per month. Usually this method is used if there are plans to sell the accounts later.

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