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What are the problems of 96% of virtual phone number users?

We understand that your attitude towards the project depends on the quality of our service. For this reason, our technical support does its best in order to solve your problem as soon as possible.


How can you get help?

1.Open the section of the website called «Support» (to insert the link)

2. Find the question you are interested in the related section of the site or use a search bar

3. If you are unable to find your problem in the list, please choose one of the options:

  • Use an online chat with the technical support on the website
  • Click «Write to technical support»
  • Write us on social media or send an email to [email protected]

4. Depending on the option chosen, you will get a response to your email or social media.

We have prepared the answers to the most common questions about virtual phone numbers for registration and SMS receive through our service, which you can find below.

How soon can you get a response from technical support?

Our technical support works day and night without days off. You will get the response within 24 hours from the moment of application. 

I set up call forwarding but it does not work

You can start using the service within 10-20 minutes after the moment of activation. After 20 minutes, please check your balance. The service will be stopped in case of a negative balance. In order to avoid spending extra balance money, set up call forwarding on a separate phone number and call back your clients. Also, disable voicemail messages.

I am unable to receive SMS with OTP or PVA.

You have bought a temporary phone number but you are unable to receive SMS within several minutes after the service sends a passcode, you can stop activation process. The money will be transferred to your balance automatically.

Some of the services depend on the your network dress. Please check the location of your proxy server address and VPN. It should be the same with the location of your virtual phone number.

Try using another Internet browser or device. Learn our instructions for virtual phone number registration in each of the services.


I have bought a virtual number but the system writes «the phone number has already been taken» or «the account is locked» 

Some of the mobile providers reissue the number that was taken before. This is a rather common procedure, and none of SMS receiving services are fully insured. To check such a one-time phone number is technically impossible until receiving a passcode.

Although, there are many reasons why your account may be locked, starting from the registration of multiple phone numbers from the same device and ending with blocking a number. To learn more about this you can click here.

 If you face such a problem, you should write to our technical support attaching the screenshots of your registration process, and then we can refund the money you spent to your balance.


Why do you need to have 500 rubles on your balance when activating the services of Mail.ru Group?

According to the rules of our service for SMS receiving from Mail.ru Group (Youla, Pandao, Mamba, ОК, etc.), you need to add at least 500 rubles to your balance. This is a necessary measure to protect all the users from the scammers.

You can buy a needed number of virtual phone number, and later contact our technical support to withdraw remaining money on your balance.


Why are the phone numbers for WhatsApp activation available only for wholesale buyers?

The service SMS-Activate provides virtual phone numbers to register on WhatsApp only for verified users. This helps to reduce the number of fake accounts which are created for fraud.

To get a one-time phone number for WhatsApp, you need to have at least 5000 rubles on your balance. This rule applies to all the users without exception.

After completing the activation process, you can apply for remaining money to be withdrawn by writing to technical support.