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Giving away TG-Giant, UniMessenger and Google COMBAIN licenses

  • More details about software

Check out the scale of our promo: you can get a free license for 2 popular software at once from 10th November to 10th December:

  • UniMessenger, combine tool for WhatsApp;
  • Google COMBAIN.

Please note: the demand for TG-Giant licenses was too high, and the free keys ran out before the end of the promotion. You can still purchase a license on this page.

All products have already integrated Free Price. It ensures more convenient access to numbers in low supply.Every user who has an SMS-Activate account can participate. The period of use is one month from the date of license activation. If you have been waiting for a sign to scale your business and find new sources of traffic, this is definitely the one.

More details about software

UniMessenger  is a combine tool for launching automated campaigns in WhatsApp, it supports English and Russian languages, allows users to uniquely customize devices through emulators.

A bonus from the developer: if you decide to purchase a UniMessenger license during the promotion period, you will be able to use the software for 9 months instead of 6. Hurry up to get 3 months of the top-quality software for free!

  • Account manager with filters for searching and sorting;
  • Auto registration with automatic captcha passing, filling info and warm-up;
  • WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business are supported;
  • Messaging to DMs and groups, autoresponder;
  • Checker of numbers for having a WhatsApp account;
  • Multithreading mode: run multiple emulators and work using them simultaneously;
  • Task planner, schedule setting;
  • Unique customization of a device by any emulator (without rebooting) via Xposed and additional applications;
  • Automatic proxy installation for each emulator;
  • Knowledge base and video tutorials on the program;
  • Ability to set limits for accounts;
  • Ability to automatically upload a template to Proxifier with a rule for the PID process;
  • Binding of proxy and device data to accounts, and ability to further use the account only with this proxy and with the bound device;
  • Possibility to upload numbers with names (or any other parameters) and use them through substitution in messages;
  • Ability to save all dialogs with responses to a file (.csv table);
  • Export and import of accounts: the ability to transfer accounts to the program on different PCs, while saving all data (proxy, device and others);
  • Functionality of checking accounts for ban inside the program;
  • Video tutorials for quick learning.

Activation instruction

  • Download the program;
  • Unpack the downloaded archive to the C:// or D:// drive, for example D://UniMessenger//.
  • Launch the program and create an account with your email;
  • Authorize → A window with information will appear → Enter the key in the box and click "Activate";
  • If the program does not open after entering the key, restart the program.

Video instructions and knowledge base on the official website of the software will also help you.

Software and manuals download link
Google COMBAIN  — the combine allows you to create life-long trusted Google accounts. The developer claims an incredible registration success rate (99%). The software is available in Russian and English.

  • Accounts registration;
  • Binding Gpay to an account;
  • Connecting AdMob to an account;
  • Creating Ads account;
  • Uploading a campaign with a file;
  • Warming up an account through Business (beta test);
  • MCC account warm-up (beta test);
  • Automatic export of accounts to Dolphin;
  • Automatic export to Octo Browser;
  • Session language selection (browser language).

Software and manuals download link

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