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Incogniton anti-detect browser for simple and safe work

Anti-detect browser is an essential tool for traffic arbitrage, online promotion and other spheres. Its task is to make each session unique at all levels, to substitute users’ digital fingerprints. Such a browser makes cache, cookies, geolocation and other parameters, by which a user can be tracked and blocked, absolutely unique. Using these technologies, you can manage multi-accounting safely and implement ads campaigns according to your strategy.

The product we will introduce to you in this article is one of the best developments with a wide range of competitive advantages. Incogniton anti-detect browser effectively fights against current tracking methods and provides a high level of anonymity. A large number of manual settings allows you to adapt the tool according to your tasks. In case you are not an experienced user, you will be assisted by prompt technical support.

Incogniton Advantages

An anti-detect browser is a niche expert product, the correct work of which can influence the final user profit. Incogniton developers are focused on your needs and regularly update their browser to meet the current market requirements. 

What do you get choosing Incogniton?

  • Up to 500 browser profiles and up to 10 users depending on the chosen plan;

  • Integration of Selenium, a plugin that can record and repeat user actions;

  • Cookie management: you can import cookies or specify sites that the browser should "visit" before performing a targeted task. Algorithms analyze the presence of cookies to recognize the session as a real user session. 

  • Team management: you can customize access levels and set different roles for partners and subordinates;

  • Ability to create browser profiles in big quantities and set proxy parameters for them;

  • Data synchronization with other devices: you can access browser profiles and seamlessly continue work using another device;

  • Ability to store data in Incogniton database: you can store data on your device if you wish.

The Knowledge Center on the Incogniton website describes the use of the browser step by step. These instructions will help you to quickly learn the tool and use all the options presented.

Free plan of the anti-detect browser

The opportunity to test the product for free is an undeniable advantage of Incogniton. With the "Starter" tariff plan, you can download the browser and manage 10 profiles with one interface. Users of the plan also have access to 24/7 tech support. To take advantage of the offer:

  • Add the plan to your cart;

  • Sign up at the website;

  • Fill in the billing details (no payment will be required);

  • Download the product for your OS (available for Windows and Mac);

  • Get authorized with your data.

This is a great opportunity to satisfy your current anonymous browsing needs or test your browser before scaling your tasks and purchasing the browser for the long term.

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