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How to make money selling accounts? Guide to farming and selling

  • Detailed example of the GoogleReger software
  • How to register a lot of Google accounts?

How to make money selling accounts? Guide to farming and selling

Selling accounts is a simple way to earn money with a low threshold of initial investments, which does not require you to be registered as an individual entrepreneur. Now there are tools on the market that will help automate the registration process. Also you can find marketplaces of digital goods, where there is a great demand for accounts. Income in this sphere depends only on your ambitions.

What to start with? In the article, we will step by step reveal the process of registering and selling accounts on the example of Google. Only necessary info: we tell you what software to use for quick mass registrations and which platform it is profitable to sell accounts on.

Detailed example of the GoogleReger software

Google is one of the key online platforms, so its accounts are always in demand. By registering one account you get access to the whole list of services and tools: mail, cloud storage, Google Meet, etc., and you can also sign up for other services that are connected to Google, such as YouTube.

To register a Google account, you need to verify your phone number.

  • If you register manually, purchase the corresponding number at SMS-Activate. Confirmation code will be sent to the "Activation" tab, and you will get verified using it.
  • If we are talking about mass registration, we recommend using GoogleReger software by our partners. The software can be purchased on the hStock website, in the "Software" section.

How to register a lot of Google accounts?

Here is a brief instruction on how to register Google accounts in big quantities:

  • Launch the program and enter your license data;
  • Choose the mode of work;
  • Go to SMS settings, specify the SMS-Activate token and the country of accounts registration. At this stage, you can activate the Free Price feature if the necessary numbers are not available.
  • Go to Proxy settings, specify the type and format, attach a file with your proxies. Users usually use mobile and IPV6 proxies with rotation (we recommend using verified proxies from proxy.sms-activate.org).
  • Open account saving settings and specify the folder to save the accounts to. The program can save many formats at the same time, so check out all necessary formats.
  • At this stage, you can optionally go to the fingerprint settings and activate them.
  • Run the program. After that the registrations will have started.

You take the accounts registered in this way, make them as items for sale and sell them on the hStock.org marketplace in the appropriate category. Marketplace is actively developing and conducting marketing campaigns to attract new customers. This will definitely have a positive effect on your sales. Read more about how to open your store and launch sales in this article.

This is just one example of a sales scheme. Using the work bundle SMS-Activate - corresponding software - on the hStock.org, you can ensure stable earnings on FB, Instagram, Telegram and other sites. Later you will learn to notice a shortage of certain accounts on the market and quickly change your workflow according to the current demand in order to earn even more money. You will always find up-to-date information in our social networks. Also, technical support will help solve any issues at all stages.

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