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How to Hide your Data from Windows 10

How to Hide your Data from Windows 10

It is unlikely that in modern realities we can talk about complete confidentiality of data, because they are becoming more and more accessible. And Microsoft generally reserved the right to collect telemetry and send information about users' computers to remote servers without their consent. In Windows 10, this can be traced especially clearly.

Even if such actions are needed only to "improve the system and eliminate problems”" as the company assures, privacy still suffers. But at any moment you can draw a thick curtain on the window through which you are being watched. There are several reliable and proven methods for this.

Change your privacy settings

If you are an advanced user, you will be able to understand the Windows OS settings without any problems in order to reduce the amount of information transmitted from your computer. But there is an excellent alternative option that will be intuitive to absolutely everyone.

We are talking about the free Windows Privacy Dashboard (WPD) program. With its help, it will be possible to effectively manage privacy, namely:

1) configure privacy policies;

2) change local group policy settings;

3) Disable Windows services;

4) cancel the execution of tasks that are accompanied by the collection of various information.

In addition to the basic settings, WPD offers advanced ones, but they can affect the operation of the system. So if you know exactly what you want to change in the matter of privacy, then there will definitely be a solution in the program.

Block IP addresses

In the functionality of the WPD program there is a "blocker” that allows you to secure your data by, logically, blocking IP addresses. At the same time, you can apply one of the methods of operation of the tool:

- Windows filtering platform

- Windows Firewall

Thanks to the program, you will disable telemetry in just a couple of clicks and limit the capabilities of third-party Microsoft applications that sometimes collect information about you too actively. It will also be possible to block the IP addresses of Windows update servers. As a result, 5 minutes of time spent turn into reliable protection from surveillance.

Delete pre-installed apps

Collecting data about users without their knowledge, having installed far from the most necessary applications in advance, is a tricky move. But you can be more far-sighted and remove everything you don't need from your computer using Windows Privacy Dashboard. Microsoft Store products and embedded programs arrange a kind of “espionage”, and this is not news at all. But the problem is solved as soon as possible using the “delete” button in WPD.

Using WPD, do not forget to configure the restore point so that you can always return to the previous settings. Also, such precautions will help to avoid sanctions from Windows.

If you want to protect your data, but you have no desire to bother with the settings, then the best solution is to buy a virtual number for Microsoft for 3 rubles on the SMS-Activate service website. You will receive an SMS to it to register an account and safely perform any tasks. The fastest way out of the situation for a friendly, symbolic price. Yes, a virtual number would not have saved Merkel from wiretapping a smartphone by the US intelligence services, but your need for privacy will definitely close.

The SMS-Activate team wishes you successful registrations!

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