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How to use first-order promo codes multiple times

  • How to get a discount at a marketplace?
  • Although discounts are implemented through different mechanics, globally they can be categorized into three types:
  • Where to find promo codes and coupons?
  • How to reuse promo codes and coupons?
  • How to use promo codes for installing the app one more time
  • How to create an account for a marketplace with a virtual number?
  • Where to buy a virtual number for registration?

Get discounts and promo codes on marketplaces without limits

People are unwilling to overpay regardless of their income level. Marketplaces allow you to compare prices and search for the best offers from your own home. But some knowledge will help you buy at super-low prices - the kind that marketing specialists don’t expect when planning one more sale. By the way, it will be fair, legal and safe.

The article describes how to find the most favorable offers on Amazon, eBay and other sites, as well as how to use them repeatedly. Even if you regularly follow the sales and price changes, you might not know this exact method.

  1. How to get a discount at a marketplace?
  2. Where to find promo codes and coupons?
  3. How to use promo codes and coupons repeatedly?
  4. How to create an account for a marketplace with a virtual number?
  5. Where to buy a virtual number for registration?

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How to get a discount at a marketplace?

Let's start with the fact that almost any seller can provide a discount, even if we are talking about technology and brand goods. If we consider everyday goods from China (they make up the majority on popular marketplaces and other sites), then their final markup can exceed 500%.

For example, summer shoes, which can be ordered in bulk at 2 yuan price (~0.3$) on sites for the domestic market of China, may cost 5-10 dollars in a retail store. Even considering shipping and commission, the seller's margin is so significant that it can be shared.

Thus, there is always an opportunity to buy cheaper. It is most available at sales: sometimes it is just a discount, sometimes you can use a promo code, which must be entered in your personal account, sometimes there is a coupon to pay a part of your purchase. The tools may be called differently, but as for the buyer, the gist is the same - to buy cheaper.

For example, AliExpress offers discounts, codes, coins that can be exchanged for coupons that can be used to pay a part of some purchase... Yes, it's all rather complicated.

Although discounts are implemented through different mechanics, globally they can be categorized into three types:

  1. Seller’s discount
    Sellers independently set prices for goods in their personal accounts and determine the size of discounts. This policy allows to sell remaining goods or goods that are not in demand, increase the rating of new products and just to encourage customers to buy, as a price tag with discounts always attracts attention.

  2. Marketplace discount
    It is used as a marketing move to attract new customers, to stimulate certain actions (for example, a discount for installing a mobile app), to create a reason for discussion and to keep up with competitors during upcoming sales. Such a discount can be formed at the expense of the commission of the marketplace.

  3. Benefits due to free shipping or gifts
    Some promo codes provide not a discount, but other bonuses when activated. This can be free shipping or, less often, a gift for the order. Our information is also applied to such cases.

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Where to find promo codes and coupons?

  1. Coupon sites. Many services use an affiliate program for promotion. They pay media, bloggers and just owners of their resources for each attracted user. In such a scheme promo codes can work as a referral attribute. The system determines where the user came from. Some sites exist due to the fact that they aggregate such offers. As for the owner, they get commission from purchases, while users find a bunch of promo codes in one place.
  2. Partner resources and other projects of a single ecosystem.companies often launch a number of additional projects (for example, a marketplace can partner with taxi, delivery services, etc.). There is mutual promotion between the projects, within the framework of which you can also get a discount. Look for the block "promo codes from partners", "promotions" or something like this.
  3. Sales and gamification, promo-landings.The site's own promotions are our main source of profit. They are not always timed to coincide with certain events. For example, sales don't seem to ever end on Chinese marketplaces.
  4. Mobile app installation.There are often bonuses provided for app installation, and the promo codes themselves can be obtained inside the application. The fact is that the installation of an application increases the probability of repeated purchase, and also increases the chance of choosing this service instead of a competitor whose application is not yet installed on a user's device. Therefore, you can get a significant bonus for the initial installation. We will tell you how to use these bonuses several times.

How to reuse promo codes and coupons?

The bigger the buyer's benefit, the lower the marketplace's revenue, so the best offers work only once per each account. They follow their purpose: attract a new user, encourage them to install an app, and stimulate a sleeping user. But when you've already performed the target action, get ready to buy at full price.

But you can trick the system and reuse a one-time promo code with the help of some tools. We are talking about multi-accounting, or managing several accounts. It's not so simple: to avoid abuse, marketplaces ask for your email and phone number verification when registering. This makes it difficult to re-register, because the cost of an additional SIM card reduces the size of the potential benefit, and not everyone is ready to make such efforts. But there is a simple solution, which is virtual number service. The market leader of virtual numbers SMS-Activate opens the following opportunities:

  1. Buy a number for any marketplace (choose from more than 180 countries);
  2. Receive a confirmation code directly on the SMS-Activate website to complete the registration;
  3. If necessary, use a disposable email to receive a code.

Prices for numbers and mails are minimal and start from 1 rub. for a number and 0,5 rub. for a mail. When registering, you do not have to provide any personal data - the use of virtual numbers will be completely private.

This method not only allows you to reuse discounts and promo codes, but also protects you from spam and data leakage. You can also bypass regional restrictions and, if there is a shipping option, use pricing for another region, as prices often differ. Please note: when registering an account for another country's number, use a proxy or VPN with appropriate geolocation.

How to use promo codes for installing the app one more time

To do this, you need to reinstall the app or clone it. The cloning feature is available in every Android device. It is usually activated like this:

  1. Go to your device's settings;
  2. Find the "Applications" tab;
  3. Activate the "Clone app" option and choose the desired one.

After that, perform the registration using new personal data.

How to create an account for a marketplace with a virtual number?

  1. Sign up on the website or in the SMS-Activate application;
  2. Top up your balance (there are different ways of payments);
  3. Choose the desired name in the list of services, (AliExpress, Amazon, Ebay, etc.) If you don't find the desired name, purchase "Any other" numbers;
  4. Identify the country;
  5. Buy a number, copy it in the "Activations" tab and enter it in the appropriate field on the website or in the marketplace app;
  6. Your code will appear in the activation card in the "Waiting for SMS" field immediately after it is received.

Read how to receive a code from email on the service page.

Where to buy a virtual number for registration?

SMS-Activate is a large international activation service. It is designed for the most complex tasks within the framework of online promotion, so it is characterized by reliability and responsible attitude to each client. But also for private tasks (for example, to get a promo code for a purchase) it is optimally suited. Here are its advantages:
  1. Cross-platform ability: you can install an app to save more money in a more convenient and easy way;
  2. Guarantees: if a code didn't arrive for any reason, the money for the purchased number will be returned to your balance;
  3. Wide choice of services: you can use "Activation" to receive SMS once or rent a number for up to 4 weeks;
  4. Interface, understandable to everyone: the creators of the project realize that the service of virtual numbers is not familiar to everyone, so they tried to make the purchase as simple as possible;
  5. 24/7 technical support: if there are any difficulties during registration, specialists will help you;
  6. Any marketplaces, delivery services, taxi services, messengers and social networks: you can make almost any registration with SMS-Activate virtual numbers.

With this knowledge, you will be able to get discounts and promo codes without restrictions, which will make your purchases more profitable. Get in the habit of using virtual numbers and don't overpay!

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