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How to use neuronets for drawing for free

Depending on your sphere of interest, you know how much a professional photo processing, author illustration, or cover design for a track costs. If you don't know, we'll tell you a secret: it's not cheap. In addition, you need to agree with a specialist on terms and details, find a common aesthetic language, and in the end you still face the risk of not getting exactly what you expected.

Neural networks have changed the situation drastically. Now they offer more and more high-quality images, and even guess the number of fingers sometimes. They have only one disadvantage: neural networks that generate really high quality images usually offer a limited number of free requests. And you have to try several attempts to get an optimal result. 

In this article we are going to tell you about neural networks which currently generate the best images. And most importantly, we'll reveal how to use them for as long as you need, without any payments or subscriptions.

Midjourney: how to use for free 

It is the undisputed leader among “neuroartists”. The network generates 4 images per request. Then you can ask for providing variations or quality improvement for each of them. In most cases images do match your description, look realistic and stylish. You can send requests to the Discord server, and the results appear there in the chat. They are available to all users. It's good that Midjourney has language filters that block certain requests. In general, you can spend the first part of free requests just to make the network generate any pictures you want, so that you could watch and wonder how amazing they are.

The limit of the neuronet is 25 images for a user. To continue generating images you need to contribute to the improvement of the neural network from 8$. Subscription also reduces the waiting time for pictures generation, because paid requests are processed out of turn. But, depending on the cost, they are limited in number. One should know that even without a subscription the network can handle everything in a couple of minutes. But there is a free way: register an additional Discord account on a virtual number from SMS-Activate and log in to the server as a new user. Numbers for Discord cost from 10 rubles in retail and from 1 rub. as for wholesale, depending on the country the number belongs to. We’ve described the principle of registering a multi-account here.

Dall-e: how to get free credits

A net from OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, which servers are now carrying the weight of the fallen popularity. The images are good as well, but it's worse than Midjourney's in our humble opinion. Whereas Midjourney's images are 80% successful, for Dall-e we would say that it is 50% of success. The network also generates variations for real photos and images.

It generates 4 images per request, which you can edit later. Including the function of marking out separate parts of a picture and specifying what should be there. You get 25 credits when complete registration. Each of them is per one request. To continue, you have to subscribe and pay $10 or wait a month.

To use Dall-e for free, you'll need an additional Google account. Note: the network is very suspicious of multi-accounts, so don't forget to clear your browser history, use Proxy or VPN. Numbers from SMS-Activate for Google account registration cost from 5.5 rubles for wholesale buyers and from 10 rubles in retail. It’s much cheaper than a subscription.

Starryai: how to get free credits

Starryai is a less popular, but pretty smart neuronet. You can choose a style of an image (concept art, hyper detailed, etc.), it also provides 4 images per request. It can generate images on the basis of the ones downloaded previously. There is a disadvantage, as pictures are generated for quite a long time. Processing one request during our tests took about 5 minutes. Also, as it happens to any neural network, there is a risk to get something psychedelic and creepy.

After registration you are given only 5 free requests per day, so you can't play much. But there is a solution. The net is also, like Dall-e, linked to your Google account. So with one additional account you can get free generations for both neural networks. Enjoy!

Why should you try neuronets right now?

To begin with, neural networks are amazing and wonderful, they develop creativity and their new possibilities are delightful. It is also really likely that soon the average Internet user will not be able to try generating pictures just for fun. The development of such products is a long and expensive process, which is, of course, aimed at monetization. Most likely, once we get used to being able to go and get free art for any request, high-quality nets will limit the test periods. So be sure to test neuronets while you can, even if it is just for fun.

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