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How to increase the number of subscribers in Telegram: promoting a Telegram channel

The phenomenon of Telegram is quite difficult to explain. It is closely connected with the Internet culture, evolution of social networks and even political events in the world. How come that a messenger (just a usual service for sending messages, ICQ on maximum level) has become the main source of information in 2023? 

Before we proceed with how to get the growth of Telegram subscribers, let's turn to statistics. It confirms that

1) Telegram is the most promising service for attracting traffic, promoting your personal brand and monetizing content;

2) the growth of Telegram users is an ongoing process, and it is important for us to make sure that new users choose your channel and content.

  • As for popularity, Telegram is one of the top 5 messengers in the world;

  • 700 million people will use Telegram every day in 2023;
  • 75% of Telegram users read news in the messenger;

  • In Russia, due to the political situation and sanctions, the messenger audience increased more than 3 times just
  • within the February-June 2022 period;
  • 13% of tg-channel administrators earn more than 100 thousand rubles monthly;

  • Admins of Telegram channels use three main ways to get income: 62% sell advertisements, 45% sell goods or services on their sites, 23% earn on affiliate programs by publishing

    referral links.

Statistics show that increasing the number of subscribers in Telegram does not always require any action at all. It is enough to have an active channel with a big audience, and newcomers will certainly join in. Yeah, the messenger is actively growing, and promotion of a Telegram channel is a promising task which everyone can realize. We will tell you how to achieve amazing results within a short time.

Effective ways and methods for promoting a Telegram channel

Professionals in the sphere of SMM promotion recommend a comprehensive approach with a combination of different tools. But your plan to promote a channel in Telegram can include only affordable ways which won’t ruin your budget.

Content marketing or attracting subscribers through quality content on Telegram. First, explore your audience (male, female, young, adult, healthy food supporters, office workers or...?) and the niche (news, humor, video content, etc.) To understand how to create quality content for your Telegram channel, conduct an analysis of successful rivals. You can search for entertainment content on other social networks and copy it for your channel (for example, posts from Twitter or videos from Tiktok). As for information channels, rewriting articles will do. But the most valuable content will be a unique author's one that satisfies the chosen audience’s interests. That's why it's better to choose a sphere that you are really aware of.

Advertising. This point conveys informational purpose. Official methods for promoting a channel in Telegram are limited to the Telegram Ads platform. It is clearly aimed at large businesses and requires an investment of about 3300$ and more. Don't have this amount? Then go to the next point.

Influencer marketing. Paying opinion leaders for advertising is an effective option that often works out. If your budget for promotion is a few hundred dollars, you can cooperate with microbloggers. But here it is important to analyze their subscribers, to make sure that the audience is really active, so as not to show paid ads to bots. Yes, this method requires investments, but you will be able to provide paid promotion services in your Telegram channel soon.

Social networks. Promoting a channel in Telegram through social networks has a distinct advantage, as many users prefer Telegram anyway. "Do you like the content? There's the same one in the messenger you're used to!" If you already have experience in creating a blog or community, you can attract subscribers from there. You can also use the advertising tools of FB and other social networks to create your own community, which you'll move to Telegram.

SEO optimization. An open channel will be ranked by search engine query in the same way as the articles on websites. You can get free promotion for your Telegram channel by doing this. It is not necessary to go deep into the study of SEO. A couple of free lessons on YouTube, a service for analyzing queries and intuition will be enough. 

Hashtags. Using hashtags in Telegram to promote your channel is a rather unobvious way to promote. They are needed primarily for navigation and information retrieval among the channels to which the user is already subscribed. But using them, you will reduce the risk that your new subscribers will forget about your channel, because it will be displayed when users search for info by keywords. You can find popular hashtags for Telegram in the @HashtagsGeneratorBot or in the @Hashtags_Hashtags channel.

Strategies for promoting a Telegram channel with virtual numbers

Finally, we come to the point we understand best. How can SMS-Activate virtual numbers help you promote a channel from the very beginning to a big project and get the possibility of monetization? With the help of a multi-account, which you can create due to our numbers, you can quickly promote your channel on Telegram with minimal or no cost.

Start with Subscribers. There is a rule that works for promotion of any information channel, video blog, selling resource or music project: the number of new subscribers is proportional to the already existing level. One of the important factors for conversion into a subscription is trust. Large audience is a factor that gains such trust. To make it short the more subscribers there are, the more subscribers there will be.

Using virtual numbers, you can register as many Telegram accounts as you need. Fake accounts will build your subscriber base and initiate activity for your posts: reactions and comments. When real subscribers come, these bots can be unsubscribed.

Mailing and commenting. The link to your channel does not have to be posted as paid advertising. You can use free ways of promotion. For example, comments under posts in other channels. Performing such activity, accounts will sooner or later be blocked by messenger algorithms, so never use your main account for this purpose. Register accounts for work with virtual numbers and do not be afraid to lose them.

Traffic from other sources. Mailings and comments can be used not only in Telegram itself, but also in any social networks. Today, most Internet users have Telegram, which means that a click will simply take them to the messenger. SMS-Activate provides numbers for almost all social networks, and traffic can be attracted using fake accounts in any of them.

Collaboration with other admins. An army of bots means not only your starting audience, but also a resource for sharing. You can offer admins of other channels a swap. For example, subscriptions of your fake accounts for reposts. Your strategies for attracting subscribers on Telegram may not be obvious to others, which means they are valuable.

Virtual numbers for Telegram registration with geo of different countries cost 10 rubles and more at the time of writing the article. You can read about how to register an account in this instruction. We also offer partner software for auto-registration: using special software, you can not only register accounts automatically, but also fill in basic information, subscribe to necessary channels, and write comments. By participating in a loyalty program you can

significantly decrease the price of numbers.

Promoting a business on Telegram: sum up the information

There are free (or almost free) methods to promote your Telegram channel, including mailing lists and comments with a link to the channel, SEO optimization, effective content marketing, hashtags, cross-promotion with help of other admins. If you effectively use them, you can promote your Telegram channel without paying anything. But in this case, the starting audience is a necessary criterion for fast promotion.

Efficient paid promotion methods include buying ads in popular channels with a live audience or using available social network advertising tools. But effectiveness of these methods also depends on the number of your subscribers. The more followers there are, the higher the chance that a new user will subscribe to your channel.

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