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How to earn on Nike in 2022

Many people want to own a cool pair of sneakers, because it is a kind of self-expression, a certain style, comfort and convenience every day, and some consider such shoes as a form of art.

You can make money on Nike due to these sneakers’ lovers, there is one more important feature worth mentioning - uniqueness.

What is the way of making money on Nike?

Ordinary models of sneakers that you can buy in any store, draw people’s attention,  but they will definitely not provide any income. To make money from Nike, you need to resell unique pairs of sneakers. Remember queues near the shoe stores on those days when a new model was dropped? This phenomenon was quite common.

These are the drops you need to "chase," because not everyone can buy them. But the reality shows that you don't have to queue, because there are online raffles. 

The gist is: 

  • You register on a website 

  • Apply for the purchase of a pair of shoes 

  • You will be given a number for participation.

  • If the number wins, you get the chance to buy sneakers

Limited-edition collections cause unbelievable excitement. And if a company collaborates with a celebrity, the “hunt” for the sneakers will be even fiercer, and you can resell them for several thousand dollars.

So, you can buy shoes for $100-$300 if you get the chance, and then sell them for $1,000-$2,000 or even $5,000.

How to earn on Nike using virtual numbers

We've already told you that it's not easy to grab a rare pair of shoes, you have to sign up for the raffle and take part in a drawing. You'll have a much better chance if you get not just one number to participate, but dozens of them.

How to implement all that? Virtual numbers for the Nike service come into force. 

All you need to do:

  • Sign up for our website and top up your balance

  • Find Nike service in the left menu

  • Choose a country the number of which you want to rent (you can use numbers of different countries not to be suspicious)

  • Rent the necessary numbers and use them to register Nike accounts and participate in a raffle

You'll be given separate numbers for participation, so you'll significantly increase your chances to buy sneakers. You can do so whenever a drop happens. The cost of virtual numbers is low, and the probability of winning is greatly increased. Then all that's left is to resell the sneakers and enjoy the profits.

Where to resell Nike sneakers?

If you did everything correctly, you need to sell the sneakers with good profit now.

There are specialized platforms for this aim: Goat, Flight Club, StockX, Stadium Goods. You can also sell on eBay, because there is a large audience and there will always be true shoe connoisseurs.

Jordan 2 Retro Eminem are on sale for 7025€ on StockX


You can wait for Nike drops and hope for luck, or you can use virtual numbers, "conquer" online raffles and leave no chance for others to get the desired sneakers. The main thing is patience. A few months after the drop, the price increases considerably. And years later it can skyrocket to some cosmic figures.

Resell more with our disposable numbers and increase your income.

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