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How to create Phone Verified Accounts using OTP?

When registering on different websites online services make you confirm your identity by verifying your phone number. It is the most common and simple way which is an extra layer of security as well. In order to complete the process you just enter a one-time password. Thanks to special services you don’t have to use your private phone number, but you can rent a virtual one.

What do Phone Verification and One-Time Password mean?

Phone verification is the process when you supply a cell number rather than email to create a new account. You enter the number and receive an SMS with your confirmation code or OTP.

One-Time Password is also known as one-time PIN, one-time authorization code. It is a kind of dynamic password which can be used only once to verify your phone number and sign up for social media or other platforms. It is valid for a short period of time and can be received to a virtual or fake number.

Phone verification is aimed to fight fake accounts, but our service SMS-Activate will provide virtual numbers of different countries for any services and help you to overcome any obstacles and create as many accounts on social media as you wish.

Here we go to PVA which means phone verified account. It is an account which was verified by the owner with their phone numbers (or temporary numbers). They are trusted and reliable, that’s why they are not banned when used for multiple purposes. 

You can get PVA on our website directly or create it by yourself with a virtual number of any country.

How to verify my account and get OTP using a temporary number?

To pass verification you need to receive an SMS with a confirmation code. Nothing difficult until you need to create a lot of accounts for:

  • Messaging
  • Ad campaigns
  • Marketing purposes
  • SMM work
  • Sale on special platforms
  • Promotion
  • And so on

But we provide virtual numbers so that you could receive an unlimited number of OTP from any service in the world.

You just need to choose a desired service on our website, then indicate a country number of which you want. After that you enter a rented number into the registration field and get your OTP. Enter it and finish the registration process.

If you want to try virtual numbers and see how they work, choose free numbers then. You can use a temporary number for one-time SMS reception or rent it for a long period up to 8 weeks and receive as many SMS as you wish.

Create PVA receiving OTP from any services (except payment systems) to temp numbers and use them whatever you like.

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