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What do The Witcher collectibles, a sports car in a metropolis, and a premium Telegram subscription have in common? "I don't know why, but I need it!" We’ll tell you how to buy a Telegram premium (almost officially) for 45 rubles per month without third parties. At the time of writing the article, everything is working well.

The method itself is not brand new. It is used by many "businessmen" who resell subscriptions at a more profitable price than the official provider in your country. Yes, these are the same gift subscriptions that Telegram has recently recalled. But if you make the transaction yourself, without an intermediary, the risk of being blocked is minimal. Also, you will be able to renew your subscription every month or pay for a longer period at once. Thus, the price will be much lower.

What you need to do:

  1. Download one of the suggested emulators: Nox or Bluestacks. This is a software that emulates the Android OS on your computer. Actually, the program was developed to play mobile games on a PC, but it will also work out for our purposes. Note! One emulator allows you to buy one premium for one account only. 

  2. Create a new Google Play account through the emulator. Technically it will be a Google account, but it is important for us to register it exactly that way.

  3. If you are in Russia, register a virtual bank card in one of the Turkish banks (usually Oldubil bank services are used). For residents of Ukraine, Belarus or Kazakhstan, the card of any bank of your country will do.

  4. Top up your card balance with at least 2 Turkish Liras. Use Binance or Huobi cryptocurrency exchanges for replenishment. 

  5. Go to your new Google Play account through the browser and bind your Turkish card. Doing that, specify Turkey as your country and google some location with an index to fill in the following fields. 

  6. A minimum amount will be charged from the card for verification. Then the money will be returned to the account. Once the card is binded, hide all the windows.

  7. Download Telegram through the same Google Play account, and sign in to your account which you need a premium subscription for. 

  8. Go to the Premium settings. Do not be alarmed by the initial button "Start for rubles". As soon as you press it, lira will appear as the payment currency, and the cost of subscription will fall to the level of Turkey.

It is only left to select the subscription period, and everything is ready. +100500 to the authority, the star shines and all animated emojis are yours to command.

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