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How to attract traffic to online stores

Is your online store ready? Have you managed to save money on layout, is the assortment fully in stock, is the website already functioning? This is just the beginning of your journey. Without several actions, potential customers just won't find your store. We tell you how to increase the flow of clients on the site without paid advertising in this article.

How to increase traffic of your online store with virtual numbers?

We will surely tell you about the traditional ways of promotion, but first of all we will highlight your opportunities with virtual numbers. They will give you a competitive advantage, because not all online entrepreneurs know how to use them to increase traffic and sales. In addition, SMS-Activate virtual numbers are an extremely affordable tool.

Promote your store on social networks. Create an online community where you can post information about new products, promo activities, and discounts.  Don't save energy on creating posts, as quality content marketing can help you attract new visitors to your site, increase their engagement and raise your brand awareness. Links can lead to a site where it is comfortable for you to receive payments and automate processes. Social networks are a great additional source of traffic, and it's easy to run ads in many of them, if necessary. 

To make your group credible, create a base of fake accounts. Register accounts with SMS-Activate virtual numbers, fill out profiles to make them look "alive", and then write commentaries, create activity in the group. Thus, you build trust with users, so they're more likely to join your community.

Figure out your competitors' prices. As sellers say, "replied in DM". Prices in social networks are not shown openly so that competitors could not use dumping (artificially lower prices in order to poach customers). But using a fake account registered to a disposable number, you can easily test the market and set optimal prices for your goods.

Use online ads boards. New products, but not only used ones, are sold here, and visitors are initially interested in buying. Users who are interested in your products can be redirected to the site. If you are limited in running ads from one account, register new accounts for an unlimited number of ad campaigns with help of SMS-Activate virtual numbers.

Send messages in messengers or social networks. This pirate method works great. The main thing is to make a mailing from fake accounts, cause you are not afraid of losing them. Virtual numbers at the price of 1 rub will be suitable to register such accounts. As for social networks, you can write to all the target audience that you come across, if a user’s personal messages are opened. As for messengers, you probably have a lot of random people among your contacts. Send them a link to your online store. If the method works in your case, you can also buy a database of numbers.

Leave links wherever it’s possible. Resources with reviews, competitors' stores, question-and-answer sites. Is someone discussing the dress? Write that you've seen the same dress on this site, but it's cheaper. Yes, both community owners and social networks block accounts for such activity, so it's important to register anonymous fake accounts that you won't be sorry to lose. BTW, the use of proxies or VPNs is likely to help avoid blocking.

How to increase traffic to the store's website through SEO?

Search engine algorithms are changed regularly, so even an experienced SEO specialist will not offer you a 100% effective promotion strategy. But here are a few principles that will definitely help:

  • Fill your site with quality, literate text. This can be extended product descriptions or a blog with articles on the topic of your products. Even a keyword-free text has a positive impact on optimization.

  • Answer questions. You don't have to be an expert to understand what questions your potential customers are typing into the search box. Just try to understand the area your store's range of products relates to. Let the texts on the site provide quality in-depth answers, as well as a ready product offer.

  • Did you come up with a request that matches your content? Type it into the search engine and analyze the first pages in the output. You can collect the semantic core from competitors' pages with the help of special services, or you can just study the structure of articles, key concepts and use this info for your own materials.

  • Add links to other pages of your site. If possible, place links to the site on other sites. The more links to the material you publish, the higher your traffic is. So, think of search algorithms.

  • Optimize your website’s work. Loading speed also has a positive effect on optimization.

One of the principles of search engines is to offer sites that already have visitors, and where a user spends more time. The above methods will help bring traffic to the site, which will initiate a wave of optimization.

What advertising works best to attract traffic to an online store?

Contextual advertising in search systems or in the form of banners leading to the site, as well as targeted advertising in social networks is the easiest way to attract traffic. It has an obvious disadvantage: people are used to this format and often their brains simply ignore ads, but even then it increases brand awareness.

If you're willing to invest a budget, test creatives, or even hire an expert to run ad campaigns, it will definitely get results. But if your goal is to bring in traffic as quickly as possible and at minimal cost, consider the online store promotion options described above.

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