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How Dolphin anty helps account farmers optimize and simplify their work

  • Using Dolphin anty for comfortable work with multiple accounts
  • Dolphin anty features for account sellers
  • Adding huge amount of profiles
  • Mass launch of profiles
  • Synchronizer
  • Mass import of proxies
  • Mass import of bookmarks
  • Mass import of extensions
  • Routine automatization
  • Teamwork
  • How to test Dolphin anty and make your accounts easier to manage

How Dolphin anty helps account farmers optimize and simplify their work

Accounts of various services and marketplaces may be needed for different purposes. For example, you need them to:

  • use promo codes by activating them on new accounts and getting discounts;
  • spam or advertise on social networks;
  • divide work or projects in messengers into different accounts;
  • view advertising or promotional offers in other countries;
  • bypass blockings on some platforms or in games;
  • sign up for sites that are banned in your country.

The high demand for accounts also generates a high demand for numbers to activate those accounts. Farmers register thousands of accounts every day to sell them to other people or use for their own purposes.

Registering an account and finding a number is just a half of the task. You can buy virtual numbers to receive SMS messages at SMS-Activate. How convenient is it to manage and store all your accounts in one place?

Using Dolphin anty for comfortable work with multiple accounts

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to create, manage and store accounts is using an anti-detection browser.

With Dolphin anty you can:

  • Create an unlimited number of profiles for different sites and services;
  • Simulate real user devices, thus minimizing risk of bans by antifraud systems;
  • Manage proxies: add, remove and edit IP addresses of different geolocations to get more trust;
  • Manage extensions: install and remove browser extensions to all or specific profiles in a couple of clicks;
  • Synchronize actions: you can perform the same actions on multiple profiles at the same time with the Synchronizer functionality;
  • Create accounts automatically with the “Scripts” feature;
  • Sell accounts along with cookie files to ensure less platform triggers;
  • Farm cookies before registering an account to increase site-specific trust;
  • Manage all accounts from one computer;
  • Teamwork: manage accounts with your friends or colleagues, while each user can be configured with different levels of access.

In an ideal situation to guarantee all accounts are not connected to each other, are more trustworthy and long-lived, you should create them on different devices with different IPs. But Dolphin anty anti-detect browser allows you to do everything using a single device.

Dolphin anty generates real fingerprints for each account, thus making your session unique to the platform. The anti-fraud system sees the IP address, browser and PC information that is prescribed in an account configuration.

Dolphin anty features for account sellers

Dolphin anty is an anti-detect browser which is used by specialists in various fields: SMM managers, traffic arbitrage and targeting specialists, SEO specialists, cryptocurrency sellers, e-commerce platform owners and account farmers.

Anti-detect, or as it is called by people, “Antyk” has a number of features that not only make your work with accounts as efficient as possible, but also help to protect yourself from bans and get rid of the routine.

Adding huge amount of profiles

You can create accounts in Dolphin anty in two ways:

  • ОSingle import: you upload cookies, logins and passwords one by one saving profiles to work with the accounts;
  • Mass import: you enter all data in a template format that can be downloaded from antyk and upload all accounts in one click.

To use mass profile creation, you need to:

  • Go into Dolphin anty and click on the "+" on the top right;
  • Choose "Mass Import" and download a template for uploading profiles;
  • Fill out the template and upload it to the antidetect browser.

As for the template, you specify proxy information, user agent, notes, profile name here:

import template dolphin

The templates are then automatically uploaded to Antyk and can be used.

Mass launch of profiles

To avoid launching each profile one by one, there is a two-click mass launch function. It is done simply:

  • You choose the profiles you want to launch;
  • Click "Launch Profiles".

All the accounts you specified will be open on your PC within a few seconds.

synchronizer dolphin


Dolphin anty allows you to duplicate your actions across multiple accounts using a synchronizer. This helps you do some routine without having to repeat actions in each opened window.

For example, you can register not one but 10 accounts simultaneously, thus saving your time.

To start the synchronizer, you need to:

  • Choose the profiles you plan to work with;
  • Click on "Run Synchronizer";
  • Choose the profile which the main management will take place in;
  • Click on "Run".

screen dolphin

You can use the synchronizer to create accounts in one social network or collect cookies manually to customize your browser, login to extensions and so on.

Mass import of proxies

Proxies are needed to securely work with accounts, not to show your real IP and to access some websites. Dolphin anty has a mass proxy upload feature. It is very useful when you are working with hundreds or thousands of accounts.

To download a proxy in one click, you need to:

  • Choose "Proxies" on the left and click on the "+" on the top right;
  • Download all proxies in the appropriate format and click "Add";
  • Choose the added proxies and click "Test Connection" to make sure they all work well.

creating a proxy

You will be able to see the IP, last payment time, host, port and other data in the list of proxies, as well as the number of accounts that are running on that proxy.

Mass import of bookmarks

To avoid adding sites to your bookmarks manually, you can use mass import. Just upload the list of sites you need to work with once and they will automatically appear in the profiles of the selected group.

creating a bookmark

Mass import of extensions

If you use any extensions in your work, with Dolphin anty you won’t need to add them manually to each profile. All you need to do is go to "Extensions" → "Create" once and provide a link to the add-on from Google web store or download it from your PC. Also, don't forget to choose the type of profile on which the specified extension will run.

When you run profiles with the specified type, extensions will automatically appear and you will be able to use them.

screen dolphin

Routine automatization

Thanks to scripts that are available to all Dolphin anty paid plan users, you can prescribe simple algorithms and automate work with them.

When you run these algorithms, the anti-detect browser will automatically execute them in a specified sequence. For example, you can prescribe collecting cookies, visiting certain sites, clicking at certain coordinates, entering data, and so on.

All scripts are prescribed by you. To do this, you need to:

  • Go to the "Scripts" section;
  • Choose "Create";
  • Write a step-by-step algorithm;
  • Click "Start" to test the script for efficiency;
  • Click "Save" to add the script to the "My Scripts" section.

You can choose which profiles to activate scripts for, edit created scripts and view logs in order to find errors.

script creation


Many account farmers, whether we talk about accounts for social networks, messengers, marketplaces or dating sites, work in teams. It can be inconvenient when a profile needs to be uploaded and downloaded manually to be handed over to another professional to work with.

Dolphin anty has a teamwork mode. You can add users to your account and give access to the profiles you want. You can customize different access levels and invite as many users as you need.

How to test Dolphin anty and make your accounts easier to manage

Dolphin anty is a great solution for those who use SMS-Activate, create multiple accounts, need anonymity and want to keep them in one place while minimizing the risk of blocking.

You can take a look at all the advantages of Dolphin anty: anti-detection browser has a free plan for 10 accounts, as well as a full 3-day trial version providing all features.

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