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Telegram Expert digest: update of the top-quality combine tool

  • Log into account (Telegram WEB)
  • Parameter Control
  • How proxies are used
  • The best part

News from BLB.team, Telegram Expert is relevant to everyone who works with Telegram. This team remains a pioneer and explorer of new opportunities. So, there is something new from the partner:

  1. Upgraded auto-registration tool, improved SMS code delivery percentage for a row of countries;
  2. Support of work with chat forums;
  3. Module “Log into Telegram WEB” with proxy support;
  4. The Parameter Control option is in the «Telegram WEB» section now.

Log into account (Telegram WEB)

The new module allows you to directly log in to the Telegram web version. It supports sending messages, joining groups and channels, managing account settings and other actions. It is available in the Accounts panel, as shown on the screenshot.

screenshot of the accounts panel

Parameter Control

(Main Settings -> Telegram WEB -> Parameter Control)

screenshot control parameters

To reduce the risk of getting banned when directly logging in to the WEB version of Telegram, the parameter control option has been added. You can disable it if you are confident about your knowledge.

Direct login to the web version of Telegram is available for accounts on Telegram Desktop (app_id: 2040) parameters.


  1. Duplicate the session on 2040 by using the “Duplicator” module;
  2. log into the web version only with accounts running on app_id:2040 (Telegram Desktop);
  3. If you need to monitor account actions on the web and simultaneously launch the account for work, it is strictly recommended to do it on 2 session files. 1 is the main session file, 2 is a session obtained through the “Duplicator” module on Telegram Desktop parameters.

It is not recommended to:

  1. Disable parameter control;
  2. Log into the account if it initially works with emulation of a mobile phone;
  3. Launch the account and keep the web version open with one single session file.

How proxies are used

The module automatically uses proxies specified in the main Telegram Expert settings. You can disable proxy use optionally.

If “Use proxies from account” is specified in the “Settings” block, the same settings will apply for a web login.

Important: the web-version sends more requests, so choose fast proxies to work with this module.

The best part

The new module will be included in the basic license. This means that users don't have to pay extra fee: if you already use Telegram Expert, you can get the new module for free. You can find info about the cost and purchase a basic license on the partner software page.

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