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Create accounts and earn selling them

Create accounts and earn selling them

Virtual numbers are useful in different situations. For example, to get bonuses for installing an application. But, of course, that's not the reason why people buy hundreds of them. There are many ways to make money with SMS-Activate, and we'll take a look at selling ready-made accounts in this article. 

Why you will be interested in this article:

A number for Twitter at the time of writing the article costs from 18₽; 

A ready-made Twitter account costs 30-50₽ on hStock

An account with 30-500 followers costs 120-150₽; 

It's easy to raise the number of subscribers because you have many accounts.

Accounts can be created or bought for resale. In the first case, the margin will be up to 75%. As for the second, it'll be up to 25%. The choice is obvious.

In addition, the registration process can be easily automated. We have partner software which can be binded to your personal SMS-Activate account.

Then you can sell your accounts on different exchanges when the highest demand is seen and get the money. But let's discuss everything step by step.

Step 1: choose the product

Of course, you should not limit yourself to one messenger or social network. It's more about the work direction. There are two options:

  • Bookmakers, cryptocurrencies, etc. Such accounts are expensive, but creating and selling them is difficult and often illegal; 

  • Social networks, messengers, games, etc. Prices are lower, but accounts are created quickly and their registration can be automated. The demand for them is very high, it is easy to sell them and the process safe in terms of legal regulations. We recommend this option.

FB, Twitter, Telegram. To figure out which service to start selling, explore any reliable marketplaces with digital goods. Open sellers' profiles to see what products they sell, and identify the most popular. Then look at the digital shopfront. If, for example, the popular Telegram is now represented by a small number of sellers and it's obviously overpriced, it means that there is a shortage of these accounts. You can predict that your freshly created accounts will be bought within a day or two.

Don't forget to take competition into consideration. The more sellers provide a product, the lower your prices are, and the harder it is to sell your accounts. But that could change tomorrow, so keep an eye on supply and demand. 

Step 2: placing Accounts on a Marketplace

You will not be able to place "gray" accounts, related to finance and betting, on a reliable marketplace. But if you have considered our recommendations, you will find many marketplaces with clear and honest terms of sale. How to register a store and start selling accounts? Study the example of hStock.

Unlike the usual marketplaces, in this case you do not need to be a sole proprietor to register an account store. You just open the site and apply to create an online shop. To register you need to make a deposit of 1,000 rubles. This money will be credited to your insurance balance. The application is processed within 1 day, but the confirmation is really fast is you apply on a working day. After confirmation you can add products.

To add items, you need to enter the login data from the accounts into the form on the site. This can be done either by each separate item or by one document. You will also need to add information and images. That's all you need. Your product will now appear in the marketplace assortment. In fact, you can start selling accounts the same day you decide to do it. 

Step 3: promotion of your store

When a customer clicks on the desired category of accounts, the marketplace shows them all the offers, including yours, if they match the request. The next step is ranking: whether you are at the top or at the tail end of the listing depends on the "age" and rating of the store, the assortment and the price as well. Some marketplaces have a paid option to raise your store to the top. It may be useful in the initial stage to quickly test the demand or raise the rating. 

You can spend more effort and bring customers to your store for free. To do this, publish articles on thematic forums. Learned something new about digital merchandising? Noticed a shortage of accounts? Write about it with a link to your store. If you optimize the article, you will capture traffic not only from the forum itself, but also from search requests. SEO optimization is easier than it sounds. Devote a couple of days to learning about it, and you'll acquire an additional tool to attract traffic.

If you do not want to invest in promotion with neither money nor effort, trust it to the marketplace where you sell your product. The store itself attracts traffic, and if you are not overpriced, customers will come to you. There will be sales. THe matter is that it will take longer to develop and scale up your store.

How much will you earn?

It is not only possible, but necessary to count chickens before they hatch. Why take a risk without estimating the expected income? This is where simple math can help you. On the pages of a store you can see how many deals a particular seller has made. Some marketplaces allow users to do this. Determine the average bill for the seller's assortment. You already know the commission of the marketplace, as you specified it when choosing a site for your sales. Multiply the receipt by the sales, subtract the commission, and get the profit of the store. Something has already been calculated: if you register your own accounts, that is, the margin of your sales is 30-75%, then from 1000 sales you will get about 6 to 15 thousand rubles.

Selling accounts can really bring in a good income. If you automate the process, you will actually spend very little time on farming accounts. Your main audience are traffic arbitrage specialists and bloggers who buy bunches of accounts, so most likely the money will come in large as well. Don't be afraid that the field is oversaturated. Demand for accounts is only growing, and we don't foresee a serious decline in the upcoming years.

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