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Notcoin overview: what it is, price, how it works, listing time, farming

  • What is Notcoin Telegram?
  • What tap bot Notcoin does - Instructions
  • What Boosters are
  • What Leagues are
  • What Squad is
  • What skins provide
  • What is Frens section for
  • Cost and earnings on Notcoin coins
  • What types of tasks are available in Notcoin
  • How to withdraw money from Notcoin
  • Notcoin prospects
  • How to get more Notcoin. Farming and boosting.
  • Notcoin doesn't work. What to do
  • Notcoin Reviews
  1. Notcoin Telegram - what coin is it?
  2. Getting Notcoin instruction
  3. Cost and earnings on Notcoin coins
  4. How to withdraw money from Notcoin
  5. Notcoin prospects
  6. How to get more Notcoin. Farming and boosting.
  7. Notcoin does not work. What to do?
  8. Notcoin Reviews

What is Notcoin Telegram?

Over the past month, the new "currency" by Pavel Durov and the Telegram team has become a concerning newsworthy event and a matter of controversy. Let's dwell on the current topic and find out how to farm Notcoin most effectively.


Meme coin is awarded for activity in the game mechanics on the messenger's basis. The project was publicly launched on January 1, 2024. Thanks to the referral system of rewards it has quickly gained popularity among Telegram users. Now 20 million players are earning coins in the system. "Currency" is earned in the clicker game (the mechanics is really simple: a click on the screen gives you a point). You can also earn extra coins by inviting friends to a game or squads, which are communities for cooperative game.


Please note: at the moment, coin is only an in-game currency. Many users expect the possibility of conversion to the TON token (the name itself gives such a hint), but developers emphasize that they do not provide any guarantees. The gist of Notcoin is a "prophecy which comes true by itself": the growth in popularity due to simple mechanics and high hopes will become the foundation for tangible value. The rapid spread of the mechanics among users is easy to explain: even if the coin will just be a way to pay for Telegram Premium, it can be indirectly converted into real money.

What tap bot Notcoin does - Instructions


The main actions for the realization of mining are clicks on the screen of your smartphone. The process can be automated, but the first 20,000 coins will have to be mined manually. The good thing is that it's quite easy to do that:

  • Launch the bot;
    screen launch bot notcoin

    1. Go to the game page via the link in the bot;
    2. Click on the coin image.

    screen main display notcoin


Having earned enough coins, you will be able to activate the official Auto-tap Bot Telegram. It will automate coin mining and make clicks for you, even when the app is closed. Notcoin bot is activated one hour after you have stopped interacting with the clicker. It remains active for 12 hours, then you have to restart the bot. Automation is available starting from the silver league.

What Boosters are

Boost options help you mine Notcoin faster in the manual mode. They increase the efficiency of each tap or energy reserve. Some of the boosters are available daily and are meant to encourage users not to forget to tap at least once a day.

screen boosters notcoin

What Leagues are

Leagues are levels that are assigned for the coins earned. When determining your league, no rewards for invited friends are taken into account: only those that you have "tapped" manually. At the moment, the distribution of the leagues is as follows:


      Silver - 5,000;

      Golden - 200,000,

      Platinum - 2 million;

      Diamond - 10 million.


When you reach the silver league, you get access to automation via auto-tap bot.

What Squad is

Squads (game communities) are designed to unite participants and increase interest in the game. Any Telegram channel can become a squad: a leaderboard will be available for members, and the total mining result will increase the community's rating among other squads. It is not possible to withdraw coins from one squad to another. In theory, squads can be compared to mining pools if Notcoin acquires the status of a cryptocurrency.

screen squad notcoin

Squad is an additional way to get bonuses, since players invited to a squad also become your referrals. 

What skins provide

Skins, or the external design of the game, do not affect the efficiency of farming. Purchasing them is purely for entertainment purposes. Some skins can be simply bought (from low-cost Pizza for 10,000 to fancy Nuka-Cola Coin for 2 million), others can be obtained for completing a task or reaching some level. The rarest skins are a puzzle for the most loyal project adepts. Thus, to get a NOT DAO skin, you need to enter a Morse code. As for the mysterious Potato chip, it is still mythical, as players have not yet solved the code.


Which skins exist at the moment:



notcoin basic


notcoin diamond

      Egg Fight Club

notcoin diamond


notcoin pizza


notcoin cookie

      Galleon Coin;

notcoin galleon coin

      Nuka-Cola Coin;

notcoin nuka cola coin

      NOT DAO;

notcoin not dao

      Potato chip;

notcoin potato chip

      Dragon skin.

notcoin dragon skin

What is Frens section for

You get a link to invite your friends to the game in this section. Yeah, this is actually a kind of referral program designed to increase the popularity of coin and the number of participants. To get a link, tap the "Invite a fren" button. You will receive bonuses for active members. This section will display the successes of your invited friends.

  screen frens notcoin

At the time of writing, 100,000 сoins are credited for an invitation. You will have to tap intensively for 2 days to get such an amount!

Cost and earnings on Notcoin coins

What types of tasks are available in Notcoin

If you are serious about mining Notcoin, be sure to visit the Earn section: here you can find tasks completing which you can get bonus coins. The tasks are divided into 3 groups.

  1. Onboarding: simple tasks for easy mastering of the functionality, such as inviting 10 friends or joining a squad.

    screen onboarding notcoin
  2. Special tasks: reach a certain level, join a community, etc.

    screen special notcoin
  3. Web3 world: to get a good reward here, you need to follow or subscribe to third-party resources and participate in other games from the developers.

    screen web3 notcoin

How to withdraw money from Notcoin

Unfortunately, now it is impossible to withdraw Notcoin to a wallet, as it is not converted into other currencies in any way. You should not interact with sources that claim otherwise, because it is most likely that they are scammers. Obviously, if the situation changes, active users will be first to find it out from the official channels.

Notcoin prospects

There were cases when even meme coins provided a big profit to their owners due to the wide resonance. We have got obvious facts that demonstrate the project's prospects:

      Notcoin's community already includes 20 million people;

      Pavel Durov's name and the most popular messenger are behind the project;

      There is the TON token, which is traded on exchanges, within the frames of the ecosystem.


Analysts of thematic resources assume that the expected price for Notcoin will be $0.000038. Focusing on other similar projects, we can predict a sharp price increase after the release followed by a correction. Most likely, it will become more difficult to farm tokens after the listing. But it is more reliable not to make predictions, but to follow the news.


When Notcoin will be listed

There is no exact information about the date of Notcoin's appearance on exchanges at the moment. Judging by the rumors, it will happen really soon. Anyway, you should expect to see token listings on exchanges that already support the TON Foundation, another cryptocurrency project of Telegram. These include OKX, Bybit, MEXC, Huobi Global, etc.

How to get more Notcoin. Farming and boosting.


There are options to bypass the methods of farming provided by the developer and get an unlimited number of coins. Of course, we are going to talk about multi-accounting in TG. What you can do:


      Farm Telegram accounts;

      Invite your own accounts through a referral link;

      Run Auto-tap bot on all accounts.


To create an account in the Telegram app, verification of a phone number is required, but this issue can be solved by the SMS-Activate virtual numbers service. The platform provides wholesale and retail numbers at a low price. Verification codes are received online and they are available only to you. If you are interested in such a method, you have 2 options:


  1. Register accounts manually with SMS-Activate virtual numbers. It is important to take into account Telegram's security algorithms, which analyze your device, IP address, geolocation and other factors during registration. To ensure that accounts are not blocked and messages with verification codes are received, remember about the rules of the platform and use high-quality proxies if necessary.
  2. Mass registrations through a specialized software. Developers have already provided ways to bypass the current algorithms for recognizing multi-accounting. You will only need to integrate the software into your virtual number service account, and thousands of high-quality TG accounts will be created automatically. You can use them or sell them.

Examples of such software:




Notcoin doesn't work. What to do


At the moment, users have already been dissatisfied with the following malfunctions:


      Black screen. It is assumed that the malfunction is caused by a heavy load on the servers. The game will recover after some time and progress will be saved.

      Auto-tap bot does not work, boosts are disabled. This also happens sometimes. Users notice that such malfunctions coincide with the addition of new tasks or other upgrades.

      The bot lags. This is the overload result due to the large number of users who simultaneously log in to the system.


The solution is the same for all the cases: wait and follow the information in the official sources.

Notcoin Reviews


Attention to the project continues to grow, new articles and videos about coin mining appear in the network every day. Some users call the project a "scam", which is fundamentally unfair. Developers emphasize that they do not provide any guarantees all the time, while the phrase "What next? No one knows" has literally become the slogan of the project. 


The loyal audience also does not lose enthusiasm in anticipation of the new Notcoin cryptocurrency, while arguing about the ways to get a rare skin or competing for the leadership in squads. But let's be honest: it's not the quality that matters, but the quantity of reviews. The more people talk about the project, the higher the chance for the token to get to the listing and gain real value. As for the opinions, there are really a lot of them.

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