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Brocard is a tool for scaling arbitrage and managing advertising budgets

MyBrocard is a service for issuing virtual payment cards. Our customers can pay for ads on popular platforms as Google, Facebook, TikTok, etc and also purchase goods and services online.

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This service is ideal for media buying teams focused on scaling, as there are no restrictions on budgets and the number of cards. Mass card operations and a convenient API will significantly simplify and automate work.

MyBrocard offers more than 25 trusted BINs (Bank Identification Numbers) from international banks (USA, Europe, Hong Kong, Colombia) with favorable conditions:

  • $0 for maintenance
  • $0 commission for card balance replenishment
  • 0% commission for domestic payments
  • $2 for card issuance
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The service provides several ways to top-up:

  • USDT (4% commission)
  • Wire (3% commission)
  • Capitalist (7% commission)
  • Replenish from a affiliate network (commission starting from 0%)
image top-up brocard

The website has a section with tips on which BIN to use for specific purposes. We recommend checking there before starting to find the perfect card for yourself.

image available merchants

MyBrocard is perfect for teamwork — each role in the team has its own separate cabinet with the necessary functionality, and the owner can even create multiple teams at once.

For each team or participant, you can view payments, available cards, total expenses and balance, decline rate for weeks and months.

Additionally, the service offers the option to rent agency accounts in popular advertising sources. Each account has a brief description, commission percentage, and minimum payment.

image agency advertising offices

In two years, MyBrocard has established itself as a quality and reliable payment service trusted by over 50,000 media buyers and 2,000 teams.

Sign up for MyBrocard and open new opportunities for your business!

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