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Big update of Telegram Expert: registering Telegram accounts has become easier

  • More info about the update
  • Working with the generator is extremely easy:
  • Advantages of registrations with Telegram Expert
  • SMS-Activate x Telegram Expert

Registering Telegram accounts in large quantities had been a complicated and time-consuming process for a long time, and it was available only to experienced users. Newcomers often encountered problems, and many of them spent weeks familiarizing themselves with the instructions.

This is the second big update from Blb.team so far: they have recently opened registration on Telegram X. We wrote about this event here.

Today a new major release took place: the latest version of the combine tool includes an improved registration module, as well as a parameter generator that will make the process easy and understandable for everyone.

We've all been waiting for this, as registering Telegram accounts is now becoming easier!

More info about the update

Parameter generator

You no longer need to select parameters manually! Our partners made sure that the registration process was as comfortable and profitable as possible.

Telegram Expert software interface

Parameter generation is supported for the following apps:

  • Telegram Official Client for Android (4:014b35b6184100b085b0d0572f9b5103)
  • Official Telegram X client for Android (21724:3e0cb5efcd52300aec5994fdfc5bdc16)
  • Telegram Desktop (2040:b18441a1ff607e10a98989891a5462e627)

Working with the generator is extremely easy:

  1. Choose the required version;
  2. Select a language;
  3. Specify time zone.

The program will automatically generate a database for the registration tool.

As we can see, 5 brands are supported by default: Huawei, Motorola, Realme, Samsung, Xiaomi. In total, the generator is able to provide more than 1 million unique parameters, which opens excellent prospects for mass registrations of accounts.

The generator is adapted to the language standards, versions and devices of Telegram applications with the indication of recommended versions for work.

As for more advanced users, Professional mode is still available and it is possible to generate databases for your own parameters.

Control of versions

Version control

In addition, the generator has a built-in algorithm of versions control. The program automatically checks user accounts before actually connecting to Telegram, and notifies you if the versions are incorrect. While the one-click automatic version correction option helps to fix accounts en masse.

Version control works on all official apps supported by Telegram Expert. Currently, there are three of them: Telegram, Telegram X, and Telegram Desktop. Version control is also available for third-party applications, which notifies the user that their account is working with unofficial parameters.

This option can be disabled, and users decide whether they need additional control when working or not.

Advantages of registrations with Telegram Expert

Our partners follow all Telegram updates and timely modernize their own product. Using Telegram Expert, you can be sure that the program supports all current features and the latest versions. At the moment it is the only software that allows you to register absolutely all geos and bypass new restrictions implemented by Tg. Just a few facts about the latest release and some more info:

  • Intuitive user-friendly interface: the entire registration process has been rebuilt, which makes it simple and clear at the first launch.
  • Step-by-step guide: a guide that directs you through the entire registration process step by step has been added.
  • Parameter Generator: the parameter generation module will automatically generate a database of registration parameters for you. This completely eliminates frequent beginners' mistakes at every step and helps you avoid any potential problems.
  • Version control: use only up-to-date versions for registration! An algorithm that automatically determines the most up-to-date version of the application, which Telegram Expert emulates with 100% accuracy, has been added.
  • Real-time support: if you have any questions or problems, the Telegram Expert customer service will be happy to help you in real time via chat or email. The team has its own messenger, forum and two YouTube channels.

We believe that the new registration module will be a game changer for everyone who wants to sell goods and services, promote their product and solve other tasks on Telegram. It's time to start registering accounts for yourself or for sale: the updated Telegram-Expert will shorten the time from start to getting profit. This revolutionary solution will allow everyone to get one step closer to the professionals and make more sales.

Registration has never been so simple and clear!

SMS-Activate x Telegram Expert

The partnership between SMS-Activate and Telegram Expert benefits users first and foremost. We work together to provide you with more opportunities. Stay tuned not to miss regular giveaways: right now SMS-Activate users can get Telegram Expert for free, click here to find out details.

We thank our partner for the up-to-date information, and wish all users easy and successful registrations!

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