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Why do services ask to enter a code from SMS?

POV: You just want to order a pizza, but the app asks you to enter your phone number and confirm it with an SMS code. How come? We are new (or almost new) customers, why complicate our way to complete registration? 

In fact, everything is logical and made for users’ convenience. Let's find out why apps demand verification through SMS. Maybe after that they won't annoy you so much. Well, if necessary, a person will find a way to register without a phone number, because the service of virtual numbers SMS-Activate is always ready to help (here we're winking at you). 

What an SMS confirmation code is

When you sign up for a website or an app, you're usually asked to enter your mobile number, and then the system will send you a text message with a 4-6 digit code, which is called a confirmation code. The SMS code is a guarantee of the security of the user logging into the account or making a transaction. In other words, it verifies that the person who owns the account, is the one who is doing the action, and that the account has not been stolen. Verification by code also prevents multi accounting, as it is preferable for any online resource to have one account for each user, but not many.

SMS Verification is beneficial for you as well

SMS codes help to cut down the number of fake accounts in social networks, making communication more comfortable and safe. If you're a user of social networks or dating apps, you're more likely to communicate with a real person thanks to the verification process.

If you change your mobile device or simply forget your password, you can restore it through SMS. But fraudsters who want to "steal" your account will not be able to access it without having your smartphone with a SIM card. This is especially important for services related to the finance sphere.

There are also many websites and apps that do not require registration at all. You can simply enter your number and verify it with a code to log in and use the resource. It's fast and secure.

Advantages of confirmation codes:

It's fast. Confirmation codes are sent through the SMS platform with the support of a mobile operator. Users can get a confirmation code within 10, or maximum 30 seconds. 

It is free. Most operators take care of users, so that they can receive a code free of charge. It is such a usual thing that charging money for an SMS is more a kind of exception that has a negative effect for the operator.

It's stable. If the confirmation by email can get into spam or be delayed due to technical problems on the side of the mailing service, then in case of SMS notifications the risk of such delay is minimal. SMS are delivered 24/7, which means that you can register and use the service you need at any time.

Why do users prefer virtual numbers for registration to their real numbers?

  1. Risk mitigation of data leakage. Hackers get into databases every day. The aim may be to cause reputational damage to a company. But that's not all. Some unfair resources sell their databases, and then you get calls from microloan organizations and other “vultures”.

  1. Getting discounts for the first order or for installing the app. This system is used by delivery services, restaurants and marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Uber, AliExpress, etc.). It is important for services to get into your smartphone and get your card binded, after which you are more likely to make more orders or repeat purchases. In this case, discounts reach 50%. With virtual numbers, you can register as many times as it is necessary. SMS-Activate numbers price starts from 1 ruble, which is really profitable. So, why not... right?

  1. Creating an additional account in social networks and messengers. There may be all sorts of reasons: registering an additional business account on WhatsApp to communicate with clients, or starting a new page in a social network after you’ve changed your surrounding. 

  1. Online promotion. Marketing, SMM, PR specialists and bloggers also need additional accounts. Unless you have an unlimited budget for targeting and integration, sooner or later you will come to such tools as mass liking, mass commenting, mailing and so on. For small and medium-sized businesses, or for bloggers, multi accounting is the only way to enlarge your audience quickly and cheaply. After all, subscribers’ amount always grows in proportion to the number you already have.

So, on the one hand SMS code is the most user-friendly security tool. It is a compromise between services and users, which allows you to filter the registration, while requiring a minimum of time and effort. 

On the other hand, the verification by number is connected with the risk of data leakage. The system has both pluses and minuses, but if you really need to register without entering your real number, SMS-Activate provides such an opportunity.

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